Friday, August 24, 2012

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

We are counting down to New York Fashion Week, and what better way to stay on-trend than with fashion bloggers in the Polyvore community? Here are some of our favorite sets found on blogs this week.

Lush to Blush read our minds when it comes to traveling for Fashion Week. Here are her must-haves for a style maven on the go.

Jake at Downeast and Out has impeccable taste in menswear. Here are his picks for sharp business-appropriate attire. (You can check out Jake's personal style on his About page).

Back to business

Summer's not over yet, so Sweat Style is taking advantage of every minute of beachy weather!

Summer Lovin'

Here at Polyvore, we love all things fashion but that's not the only thing we love. Frye-Sunshine's blog post charmed the inner bookworm in all of us.


If you're already looking toward the fall season, Chic Saturday created a beautiful jewel-toned set to show you what's ahead.

Falling for...Jewel Tones

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!


pratibha said...

nice post.

London Escorts said...

I love those lipsticks....cute colors!

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Monique Kirklin said...

I love the beach-inspired fashion week! She probably likes pastel colored swimsuits, they are so beautiful. The brown theme also of Frye-Sunshine's blog post is inspiring if you want to sit all day on a couch with a good book in hand.