Friday, December 21, 2012

Member Spotlight: Matea

Today's member spotlight is on matea, a member of two years. She's a law student in Croatia who is obsessed with fashion. She creates fashion sets that have different patterns, prints, and colors. Here are some of her favorite sets.

De Dónde Sacas Eso?
Negociare con la pena !!!
U just try to sleep !!!

Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share?
Hi Polyvore people! My name is Matea. I`m 22 years old and a full-time law student who is obsessed with fashion and cool clothes. I’m an easy going person who gets along well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types of people and I always like to challenge myself to improve at everything I do.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
This might sound weird, but currently I live at three different addresses, one in Zagreb, one in Sesvete and one in Garešnica. My family owns two apartments and a house so I`m constantly changing my place of residence. Fall trends in Croatia are ankle booties, long scarves, cardigans, skinny jeans, Timberland boots, Isabel Marant sneakers, hats and collar necklaces.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
Marni, Chloe and Proenza Schouler are my all-time favorite brands! But I'm also in love with my fashion icon Natasha Goldenberg's line, TzipporahNG. Marni always has cool and interesting prints, Chloe has elegant and sophisticated clothing, and Proenza Schouler great bags, clothes and accessories.

Which celebrity has great style? What do you like about his or her style?
Natasha Goldenberg is a major style icon of mine. I personally am a HUGE fan of this gorgeous Russian! I admire her taste, her style and her ability to dress in a fashionable and chic way. I love how she can go from loose fitting clothes in muted colors to tailored pieces in bright fabrics. Nickelson Wooster, the alpha male of American street style, also has great taste.  His hair, cleanly trimmed mustache, neat beard and clothing give him a handsome look that demands respect.   

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
My biggest wish for a long time now has been to move to Iceland. I don't quite know when this obsession with Iceland started, but I do know I want to live there. With this unique destination that offers breathtaking landscape and a vibrant culture, who wouldn't like to live there? I decided to pursue a career in law so I hope one day, I will have the opportunity to improve the lives of others. But also I would like to travel more, learn to speak Portuguese and Russian, meet cool/interesting people and be a fashion stylist.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
I became more courageous and determined when it comes to combining and mixing different patterns and prints. I met great and really nice girls whose words and comments have meant the world to me. From day one, Polyvore became my imaginary closet with mega-fabulous clothes!

How would you describe your set style?
My sets have always been very colorful and little bit crazy! It`s all about different patterns, prints and colors mixed with cool accessories!

How often do you sign on and what is the first thing you do when you sign on?
When I'm online, I'm always signed in! The first thing I do when I go on to Polyvore:
1. Check out my activity
2. See and comment on my friends sets
3. If I feel inspired, make a new set 

What is your favorite Polyvore feature?
My favorite feature is the custom crop background and the ask section! I like the ask section because I like the idea of me as a stylist, helping Polygirls with their dilemmas about what to wear, how to style it, what goes together and what not. The custom crop background I like because I`m crazy about making dolls and changing simple clothes into something cool and different. 

Describe your personal sense of style.
My style is very versatile and is very much based on how or what I feel. You can see me wearing almost everything. One day I`m all in black, the next day all in crazy prints and colors. I don`t like simple, minimalistic outfits. For me layering rules! Accessories are also very important to me. They make every outfit pop.

Anything else you would like us to know?
Polyvore and Poly people rule! You guys are doing an amazing job with the Polyvore site but I do have one request: MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS STAY COOL. Hehe!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Features in the Editor! Happy Holidays!

New Features in the Editor!

It’s been an amazing year here at Polyvore, and we can’t thank you, the community, enough. We’re always listening to your feedback and taking note of the features you’d like to see on the site. Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to announce some new additions to the editor that have been some of your top requests!

Here’s what’s new:

New ways to search your items by color and title

Looking for the pair of blue shorts you saved to your items? We’ve added a color filter to the “My Items” tab so you can now search your items by color. We’ve moved the link to the Organizer to make room for these new features, but you can still find it on the Activity page.

Load items from collections 

Now you can load items directly from collections you’ve published or liked by clicking on the “Collections” tab in the editor. Please note you’ll only see items from collections (you won't see any sets).

We hope you enjoy these new features in the editor! As always, let us know what you think by leaving a comment here on the blog.

Happy Holidays!

The Polyvore Team

Friday, December 14, 2012

Polyvore Love Letters: Blog Roundup

The holiday season is at its busiest, and our favorite bloggers have created some beautiful wishlists and outfit ideas just for the occasion. Check out their great sets below!

Sincerely Jean is new to the blogging world. Her wishlist features some casual cute items, "just in case Santa reads my blog."

My Wishlist

Candy and Style's beautiful Polyvore sets on her blog include this cool ode to December.


Style Island's holiday gift guide "for the bestie" features a pair of super adorable beanies. What a great idea!

Style Island HOliday Gift Guide~ For the Bestie

Need a holiday outfit idea? Piink Cupcakez put together a festive party outfit with an edgy twist.

Holiday Outfit Ideas 2012.

Toya's Tales created a gorgeous collection of Balenciaga items in her blog post that had us coveting for leather pants and oxblood booties.

Straddling the Line - Balenciaga

If you've found inspiring bloggers through Polyvore, or want to be featured in Love Letters, let us know!

p.s. Did you know we are hosting a live Twitter chat with Dannijo next Wednesday? Tune in Wednesday, Dec. 19, on Twitter @polyvore and ask the Dannijo sisters anything you want! Use the hashtag #AskDannijo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Member Spotlight: minnieromanovich

Today's member spotlight is on minnieromanovich, a member of 5 years. Her sets are minimalist yet full and color filled. She's a photographer, illustrator, and stylist living in New York City. Here are some of her favorite sets.
Maison Martin Margiela with H&M

Winter Aesthetic with Mango

Mad About Manhattan

Mad About Manhattan by minnieromanovich featuring kate spade

Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share.
My name is Minnie Romanovich, I'm in my thirties, with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. After graduating, I worked at an advertising agency as an illustrator and later a copy editor, but for the last few years I have been doing freelance work with my focus being on photography and children's book illustration. I love international travel, food, books, movies, perfume, jewelry, and fashion. Fall is my favorite season in terms of fashion, because I love wearing trench coats and berets, and accessorizing with silk scarves.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I live in Manhattan, and am passionately in love with my city. Knee-high boots, especially two-tone boots, are very much in right now. Oxblood or a deep crimson seems to be trending in terms of color. Leather jackets are currently more popular than the classic trench coats. Sheath dresses with embroidery are in almost every store. After the NY Fashion Week (fall/winter 2012), there has also been a revival of what would be termed as "grandmother's closet." A retro mix of prints and tweed coats, along with lace and shawls are making a comeback.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
Like most fashion-loving women, I have more than one favorite, and for more than one reason. Alexander McQueen definitely tops the list for me, in terms of avant-garde aesthetic. I think of that label as intellectually fashionable. I love the classic pieces of Hermés -- perfection with every stitch and seam. Burberry has been another favorite; they've proven time and time again that they're not just about the famous plaid anymore.

I like the prints and the draping of Diane Von Furstenberg, as well as the edgy sophistication of Helmut Lang or Zadig & Voltaire -- both of which emulate the "SoHo chic." J Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and White House Black Market are my other to-go stores for daily wear -- reliable in terms of good quality, and still stylish.

Which celebrity has great style? What do you like about their style?
Anne Hathaway's easy elegance, Olivia Palermo's Euro-jetsetter style, Lucy Liu's chic and sleek styling (especially in the CBS show Elementary), and, of course, Kate Middleton's effortless sophistication are all elements I appreciate and find relatable.

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
I have had some of my illustrations and photos published in magazines and periodicals, but my goal is to get picture books published. Writing and illustrating children's books has always been one of my aspirations and I have been focused on achieving that. Fashion is also something I'm keenly drawn to, and would love to work as a stylist or be on the design team of luxury boutiques/department stores. On personal levels, one of my aspirations is to find a bigger apartment in NYC, and start a family. Currently, it's just me and my husband, and our four-year old cat named Arianna. But in the near future, we'd like to expand our trio with a baby. Last but not the least, travel has taken a back seat in my life over the last year and a half, so I'd like to revive that and explore parts of Europe that I haven't yet visited.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
Polyvore has made a significant impact on both my style sensibilities as well as my creativity. I have come to heavily rely on Polyvore for staying up-to-date on trends (both current and upcoming) and for news from the world of fashion, couture, and retail. My skills at composing a look or a layout have been honed in the five years that I have been a member. It has also been a rewarding experience in terms of making connections with other Polyvore members, being inspired by their talents, and also forming meaningful friendships. Last year, I met with one of my PV friends for the first time and we had so much fun walking in out and of the boutiques in Meatpacking District/TriBeCa. We discussed the items we'd already seen on PV before seeing them in stores, talked about the sartorial elegance of our favorite designers, etc.

How would you describe your set style? 
I've always been a fan of minimalism, and a believer of the "less is more" mantra. Ergo, my sets tend to be streamlined and clean, with a balanced amount of strategically positioned negative space to make them appear light and not cluttered. Generally speaking, I veer toward the editorial look due to my advertising background.

Who did you choose your username?
Few people on here know this, but my actual name is Nupuri. My nickname, Minnie, was acquired when I was six or seven and was obsessed with Disney and Minnie Mouse. Thus I forced my parents to call me Minnie and wouldn't answer to any other name. For the record, my desire of wearing polka dotted frocks and hair bows died decades ago.

How often do you sign on and what is the first thing you do when you sign on?
I'm always logged in, until the cookies expire and I have to sign in again. I check Polyvore first thing in the morning, right after going through my personal email. I go to the activity page and after getting caught up with that, I check the trending topics, especially the Polyvore collections featuring top products/sets for the day. Then I get caught up with the sets of other members whom I follow, and lastly I go to the editor to create a new set or work on an existing draft.

What is your favorite Polyvore feature?
The Polyvore Editor is fantastic. There have been so many improvements made over the years, and it's now exceptionally organized and user-friendly. The upgraded clipper is super. I love the ability to customize the shapes, as well as the addition of the color block tool. I'm also a big fan of the search feature, allowing you to look for not just a specific item but also various trends, and then having the ease and accessibility to shop the same.

Describe your personal sense of style.
Although I keep up-to-date with trends, I don't follow them blindly; I make them my own. I like to dress classic, mixing brights with neutrals. Just like my set style, I carry the minimalism to my personal style as well, so I avoid over-accessorizing. Coco Chanel's sage advice was to look in the mirror before leaving the house, and taking one thing off. I firmly believe in this. On a regular day, I opt for dark-wash bootcut jeans or a pencil skirt, paired with a pretty blouse or sweater. As much as I like stilettos, I seldom wear them. Living in a city, it's so much more comfortable to walk around in ballet flats or boots. I'm a big fan of tailored jackets and trench coats, and I can't seem to have enough of those. I also love buying jewelry -- both fashion and fine -- especially pieces that will outlast seasonal trends and can be versatile. For formal wear, I'm drawn to dresses that are romantic -- Grecian draping or flowing silks, accessorized with one or two statement pieces, either in the form of jewelry or clutch.

Got any requests for the Polyvore team?
Just a couple: would love to see a bigger selection of fonts. I find the current selection rather limiting when creating an editorial layout. Also, if there would be a way that we could search through our clipped/saved items using the color chart, that would be very helpful.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Member Spotlight: eldianna

Today's member spotlight is on eldianna, a member of two years. Her sets are great wearable outfits that have a clean and simple layout. Here are a few of her favorite sets.

china blue
ERA by eldianna featuring patent pumps
Fall Handbags

Tell us your name, age, profession and anything you’d like to share.
My name is Eleanna Michael, I'm 25 years old and I studied landscape architecture. The truth is that I do not work as a landscaper. I do not get passionate about what I studied and that is why I prefer to do something else. For example, for the moment I am a shift manager in a chain coffee shop. The thing is, we must always do what we are passionate about.

Where do you live, and what trends are big there?
I live in Cyprus. Despite the fact that it is a small island, people are into fashion a lot. Most of the trends here exist in England. For example what plays a lot now in the shops and in the streets are a lot of black pieces with leather details. Trends that I truly love? Oversized jackets or coats, high-waisted trousers and bodysuits under blazers or knitted cardigans.

What is your favorite brand/designer? What do like about that brand?
My favorite designers are YSL, Tom Ford and Balmain. I find their clothes chic and simple with straight lines. About Balmain clothes, I just love them because of the over-the-top gold details. Balmain clothes are fierce.

Which celebrity has great style? What do you like about their style?
I like Victoria Beckham's style a lot. Simple, sexy and posh. Even though I wouldn't wear heels all day, I like that classy style.

What are your personal aspirations/goals?
What I really want to do in my life is eventually get really involved in the fashion world. I live for that idea. My passion about fashion and photography makes me want to become a style director or a fashion photographer one day.

How often do you sign on and what is the first thing you do when you sign on?
I almost sign in everyday, and the first thing I do is check my notifications to see what new contests are open. I am a bit addicted to Polyvore. I almost log in everyday and I spend a lot of time creating sets. Even though a lot might say that it is just a site, I take it seriously. I say that yes, it is just a site, my 'passion' site.

How has Polyvore affected your life?
Polyvore made my passion for fashion grow. Here I am able to create my own personal sets and share them with the public. 

Describe your personal sense of style.
My personal style? I would say it's simple, a bit casual and a bit of chic. I love black, leather, high-waisted trousers, small gold details and red lips.

What is your favorite Polyvore feature?
What I really like in Polyvore is the 'ASK' section, a clever and, of course, helpful section.

Anything else you would like us to know?
Generally, what I think about style is that it must to be different from person to person. We are different, and so is our style.