Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Announcing Polyvore for your Home!

This is an exciting day for Polyvore. Over the last six years, we’ve seen a tiny spark of inspiration grow into an amazing fashion community that reaches more than 20 million people worldwide. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re expanding to Home! Now you can use Polyvore to discover and shop for the interior styles that you love.

Announcing Polyvore for your Home!

Our experience with fashion has taught us that great style ideas can come from anywhere. We’re awed by the unique talent we find every day on our site. We’re eager to see how your passion for interior design inspires others and influences trends as you use Polyvore to express your style.

Visit the Home section of our new Explore page. You’ll find featured sets, notable product collections, and contests dedicated to home design.

Browse the Home category of our Shop to discover stunning new pieces you’ll want for every room. Whether you’re searching for tables or trinkets, contemporary or classic, the Polyvore Shop has something to fit your style.

Share your ideas by creating sets in the Editor. Combine your personal furniture and decor choices to create the perfect room in a set you can share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more!

Find and follow other Polyvore members who create great Home designs! Here are a few of our community favorites that showcase different set styles that you can create:

Moodboards use a combination of furniture, decorative items, colors, and inspirational images to capture the feel of a space. These show an overall design theme without an exact room layout.

Blush & Charcoal

Vintage Country Kitchen

Bird's Nest

Full Room Sets offer a realistic perspective of how an entire room would look when everything is put together. These may be a little more challenging to create, but they’re especially useful when you want to show creative use of floor space, windows, or other architectural elements.


Great Room!

Check out our Top Home Sets every day to find even more inspiring ideas and members. Whether your style is tasteful traditional or contemporary chic, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!

We want to thank our amazing community for helping us expand into home, especially those who gave us feedback along the way. We couldn’t have done this without you!

The Polyvore Team


House of Hauteness said...

YAY! I love discovering new interior goods! Thanks for the fab addition!!

clara-bow80 said...

Love it!Thank you!

Pashion Lovin said...

Yaay this is awesomee, Thankss...but i really miss the ask section :(

Nikell (Modestyfashions on Polyvore) said...

Great new addition!! Maybe this will come in handy the next time we redecorate. Looking to change our living room soon (^_^)

Aurora coca peña said...

yes! thank you

mercimasada said...

This is so exciting!! Thanks for recognizing the needs of your community! I appreciate you sharing my set. :)

Honii said...

It's wonderful to see Polyvore constantly expanding! The interior design sets are very inspiring. Thank you!

ADH said...


Katerina Karagoceva said...

This is a great addition to Polyvore, love that it encourages even more creativity with your members!

But PLEASE bring back the "Ask" section, it was so unique and helpful, probably one of your best features!

Thank you for everything you're doing for the Polyvore community :)

Misslisa5472 said...

Thanks so much for featuring one of my sets! Very honored!! =)
Also, thank you for reaching out to those of us that do Interior Design!

Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo. This is astounding. So absolutely brilliant, I could weep. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks.

cb-hula said...

I'm so happy about this Polyvore Team! Thanks for the recognition to the Home/Interior community!

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Irfan Ali said...

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Gamer said...

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