Thursday, September 26, 2013

Popular on Polyvore: Bright Blue Bags and Paper-Like Lanterns

Polyvore members are the ultimate arbiters of style. Regardless of their fashion backgrounds or zip codes, they can easily identify the trends that are about to take off and, even better, they know how to style them. From delicate lace dresses to bright blue bags and paper-like lanterns for the house, here are the of-the-moment separates and home goods that stole their attention – and their cash money! – this week.

+ Click through to see the items that are trending, then sound off in the comments and let us know what your favorite item is.

6 Lace Dresses Under $100
Lace fabric is decidedly feminine, making it a top choice for celebrities and everyday girls alike. If you're in need of a new dress, check out these ladylike options.

Bright Blue Bags 
Cobalt handbags add a fun touch to any outfit, and Polyvore’s best-dressed shoppers have their eyes glued to jewel-toned purses and clutches for fall. Admit it: You need some color in your life and closet!

Lit: 24 Paper-Like Lanterns 
Cast a romantic glow over any room with modern renditions of the paper lantern. Are you ready to light up your life?


Nikell said...

I love the blue bags!!Blue is my favorite color.

Raven1994 said...

I know that my concern does not really fit in here, but I didn't know to whom I should direct it otherwise.
Today, I have tried to access my templates over the tab on my profile page, but when I click on the tab, there are only always my sets displayed, but only the title and a white picture. And wether I click on the 'images' or the titles nothing will happen.

Best wishes, Mareike

Anonymous said...

"We cannot complete your request at this time. Please try again later." <-- THIS appears to me ALL the time, What can it be?