Friday, December 20, 2013

New Shop Page Design

The holiday season is here, filled with festive cheer, friends and shopping!  To celebrate, we’ve improved the shop pages to help you find that perfect last-minute gift.  You’ll notice that it’s now easier to:

A big search box at the top of the page makes it easy to pinpoint exactly what you want.  As you’re typing, smart suggestions show up to help you out.

We’ve moved the filters into friendly large buttons that are always at the top of the page, making it even easier to find exactly what you want.  They stay visible as you browse, so that you can quickly narrow down results without having to scroll back up.

We hope that the new layout makes your shopping even more enjoyable!

Happy Holidays!
The Polyvore Team


Nikell (Modesty Fashions on Polyvore) said...

I really like it. My only problem is it seems a little hard to find specific brands and designers. For example, when I'm making a set I can type in a a designer or brand and choose from the options that drop down. I don't see that on the new products page.Thanks so much for making Polyvore one of my favorite places online.
This is off the subject but... A likes tab on the items page would be nice too (^_^)

Marina Casapu said...

Love the updated options!

Traci Thompson said...

I like the new shop page format. It would be great to have a 'Clear All Selections' button. Thank you!

Ladiesfashionsense said...

Awesome improvement.

Esther Myers said...

I think a search bar where you could search for people by there username would be infinitely helpful.

Anonymous said...

I like the updates! I know it will help me with finding new items and making sets. I will keep you posted if I have any problems :)

Sara said...

I would be more useful for me create sets and to pick quickly.

Robert Welain said...

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