Thursday, January 9, 2014

Popular on Polyvore: NYC-Themed Clothes and Cutout Boots

Polyvore members are the ultimate arbiters of style. Regardless of their fashion backgrounds or zip codes, they can easily identify the trends that are about to take off and, even better, they know how to style them. From black cutout boots to Manhattan-inspired clothes and cute cat pillows, here are the of-the-moment separates and home goods that stole their attention – and their cash money! – this week.

+ Click through to see the items that are trending, then sound off in the comments and let us know what your favorite item is.

The Cat's Meow: 15 Plush Pillows 
Calling all ailuromaniacs (people who are obsessed with cats)! Forgo the cat hair and claw marks by adopting one of these feline adorned pillows. Which one will you cuddle up with?

New York State of Mind 
Ever since Milton Glaser designed the "I Love New York" logo in the '70s, people have been loyally sporting their Big Apple pride. Here, 12 Manhattan-inspired pieces you can wear to show your favorite city.

Black Cutout Boots 
Cutout boots are the perfect shoe because they work in any season (just throw black socks underneath them during the colder months), and everyone from Balenciaga to Nasty Gal has put out a killer pair. Do you have a favorite?


Nikell (Modesty Fashions on Polyvore) said...

I love the cut out boots!!!

Anonymous said...

t's always the same people they try to push/promote. It's so obvious and unfair. They put the same people in top sets and on the home page all the time. There is so much talent on this site!Stop to do this!

Paccana said...

I love these outfits!