Monday, February 3, 2014

Did You Know?

Whether it’s site updates, fun community stories, little known tips & tricks, or added app features, there’s always something new to learn about Polyvore. Presenting ‘Did You Know?’- a quick way to discover even more about us (and our community!). We’re excited to share and hope these posts help give you a more delightful creating, browsing, and shopping experience!

Did You Know: community members use Polyvore to inform, promote, and grow their own start-up fashion brands?
    • With over 20M unique visitors a month, Polyvore can help smaller brands increase brand awareness and product visibility online...for free!
    • Polyvore is full of potential shoppers. The average basket size on Polyvore is $383, higher than Twitter, Facebook, & Pinterest combined.
    • Promoting your brand with sets is super easy- anyone can use our clipper tool to pull in their own products and then embed sets to blogs, websites, email, and more!
    • Just a few of our community members who have found business inspiration on Polyvore:
      • golestaneh and her clothing boutique in Cologne
      • dollychops and her partnership with Haus of Gaga
      • je-suis-un-lapin and her newly founded Etsy store

      • on the bright side

        Q&A with je-suis-un-lapin:

        1. Tell us about your new venture; how are things going so far? 

        My journey began four years ago, when running my own business, I realized I had to make a drastic career change. I wasn't completely happy working as ghost writer, set designer and prop stylist. I've always wanted to work in the fashion industry, so I decided it was about time to start following my dreams. When I met Christina Oiticica, my business partner, I got even more inspired to take my first steps. I studied a lot before building some products prototypes, turning her paintings into pieces of wearable art and contacting her with my ideas. Luckily for me, she was very receptive! Since then, we have been working hard and putting together a truly concrete business plan. We have launched our online store about 3 months ago and we have been positively surprised by the consumers' response, but we know that there's a long road ahead.

        2.  How did Polyvore help you get here? 

        Polyvore helped me find my way and encouraged me to express my style confidently. It's an amazing, multipurpose tool! A free zone for all the creative minds out there. I've been learning so much - about fashion business, arts, interior design, trends, shopping and real people style - with the community, the team and the insiders! It's a great place to make connections with interesting people all around the world and an inexhaustible source of inspiration! This is also where I first heard about Etsy and the growing popularity of handmade goods. That's precisely why we decided to go manufactured and open our shop there.

        3. How do you envision Polyvore helping drive sales now or in the future?

        I believe Polyvore members will continue to inspire me and lead our brand in the right direction to get noticed by potential customers. While curating, creating and sharing their content, they are also shopping, promoting and helping to build brand reputation. It has been incredibly helpful to me, as an entrepreneur, in order to understand consumers' perception of products, prices and media strategies.

        4. What're your 2 tips for other Polyvore users who want to start their own fashion business?

        Develop a niche market, then be a change agent. Make a difference! It's a very competitive business, so be persistent and believe in your product.


... said...

Yes! I've been using my Polyvore account to show off my accessories for about six months or so -- it's definitely the most fun form of promotion ever and sort of my online home!

Youth said...

I love Polyvore. Whenever I need some help on how to coordinate an outfit or ideas on what to buy, Polyvore is the ultimate life saver! I love it.

• •

Patricia Coelho said...

Thank you Polyvore for being part of my personal and professional story! 'Did You Know' is an excellent idea! It's always fantastic to learn more about you and the community! So happy I got featured here!


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