Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Polyvore Members at New York Fashion Week!

Last week, community members florencia95 and gabrielle-pedriani attended New York Fashion Week as Polyvore Community Correspondents. It was an action-packed experience for both Florencia and Gabrielle, with lots of runways shows, presentations and street style-stalking! As a dynamic duo, they embraced the energy (and chaos) at Lincoln Center.

One of the highlights for Florencia was the Nicholas K show, which kicked off NYFW. "I loved how all of the pieces were very street-wear inspired and the trends from the show have influenced my style a lot. It was also the first fashion show of my life, so seeing the models walk is something I'll never forget."

Nicholas K

For Gabrielle, it was Dannijo's #Boxerina presentation that was most intriguing. "The ballerinas all performing their art on this poignantly juxtaposed stage (next to a boxing ring), while wearing Dannijo jewelry was such a moving experience. It was beautiful both aurally and visually, and it translated well into images."

Dannijo - NYFW

Thinking about taking on NYFW next season? Florencia and Gabrielle have some expert advice for you. "Bring snacks and wear comfy (stylish) shoes," says Florencia. And Gabrielle suggests making nice with your neighbors. "Every single person you meet is interesting. Always talk to the person sitting next to you at a show - even if you're in the very last row - you'll be surprised at what you find."

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