Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bring On Spring Twitter Contest!

Bring on Spring Twitter Contest

Show us your dream spring wardrobe and you could win one of the items from your collection! How?

  1. Browse the things you love on our shop page
  2. Add at least 15 of your favorite spring items to a collection by using the "+Collection" button on the item's page
  3. Enter to WIN by sharing the finished collection on Twitter using #BringOnSpring**

** You may include the hashtag #BringOnSpring in the collection description itself and then share using the "Twitter" button on your collection page OR add it to your own tweet to @polyvore with a link to your collection page

Build and share your collection by 3/21/14 at 11:59 PM PDT. Winners will be chosen based on range of items, mix-and-match-ability, and, of course, following the contest rules! The winners will be notified via Twitter and via Polyvore on 3/24/14.

Questions? Just ask below!

It's time to grab some How To tips and get shopping. Good luck!

How to Create a Great Collection


Anonymous said...

Ok, maybe I'm dense, but clicking on Shop and looking at items I don't see a +Collection button on the shopping page or when I click into the item. What am I missing?

Kelsey at Polyvore said...

Hi there! You should see a "likes," "create," "+collection," and "blog" on every item's page. When shopping, click the item's name (in italics) below the image to land on the item page WITHIN Polyvore. Let us know if that gets you to the right page :)

Timea said...

Do I really have to have Twitter? I use every other social network...Except Twitter. Can I just tag @polyvore in my collections description?

Kelsey at Polyvore said...

Hi Timea, Yes, this contest does require you to tweet your collection but never fear(!), we host all sorts of contests on our social pages including Pinterest and Instagram. More to come soon!