Monday, March 3, 2014

Did You Know?

Did You Know: sharing is caring on Polyvore? By "liking" and, thus, sharing what you find on the site, you can help your friends and followers discover more about your unique style and maybe even inspire their creativity, too!

Sharing is caring.

Sharing is caring. by piwakawaka on Polyvore
  • There are many easy ways to share what you love
    • "like" a set, collection, or item on Polyvore to have it show up in your followers' feeds
    • embed a set or collection to your website or blog
    • share on social by connecting your profiles and clicking the share icons on each set, collection, or item page
  • The Following feed is your main source for discovering new things that complement your taste- the more people and brands you follow, the more you'll find!
  • Your unique sense of style helps other people shop what's hot
    • all the trends listed on our homepage come from what you, the community, "like" and shop for most
    • every day, we post the community's top-"liked" fashion, beauty, and home items to inspire shoppers and set-creators

Share The Love

Share The Love by glamye featuring high heel sandals


What does it mean when someone "likes" the same item as me? Is it considered copying?

It's a compliment- they love your sense of style! All items on Polyvore are for the community to use. Saving other member's liked items is not considered copying.

Can you turn on or off activity notifications for liked items?

Yes! Go to your Settings page from your user name located at the top right corner of the page. After that, select the Account tab. In there, you can check the activity notifications you want and uncheck anything for which you do not want to receive notifications. Make sure to click the Update button at the bottom to save your changes!

What's the best way to share my sets on other networks?

First, make sure to link your Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, blog, or other network accounts to Polyvore. Go to your Settings and navigate to the Sharing tab where you can add your login information. After you have linked your account(s), you should be able to seamlessly share your sets on other networks when publishing your set by selecting "Quick share with friends"!

Can I get notified when someone "likes" the same item as me?

You sure can! Make sure you've opted into receiving emails from your Account tab in Settings. You can choose to receive emails about new followers, item "likes," sale alerts, messages, and more. Just check the box next to the feature you would like to receive emails about.


cornwashere said...

True that! Sharing is sure is caring on Polyvore! :)

Lana (Lerp) said...

Fix my polyvore I have a new Dell.

Ugeena said...

Still fairly new here on Polyvore, I appreciate you reiterating how to utilize and have fun on Polyvore.

Tabby Hawthorne said...

Not only that, but sharing someone's sets or items is a huge confidence boost :>

Crystal said...

I really think everyone is so creative!! It's nice to see different styles and art. I get inpiration and stay connected.

way2awesome said...


Linda Wildes said...

All I can say is that I am addicted to Polyvore!! I love looking @ all the other sets, collections and it's great to give and get a like. Learning as I go - fun fun fun!

Anonymous said...

nice reading this, but there are still Polyvore-friends they think we are copying or stealing from them if we click on Like. I was threatened by one of them... he made items in Photoshop... he used it on Polyvore... and I liked and used them... he was angry and send me awfull mails... I have closed my account and started a knew one.... so now I am happy it is written ....

Gregg Boyette said...

I am pretty new,but I already Love this place!!!

ajiyfun said...

It makes my day when I go to my page and see 50+ in my Activity box. I love all the wonderful creative friends Ive made here. I don't think it would have happened if not for the ability to like a set.
Wonderful! So glad you put this up in the Activity area

Musicfriend1 said...

Well said!:))

Anonymous said...

Happy they posted this! Thanks polyvore!

Vanessa Prieto said...

Absolutely true! Thanks for the reminder Polyvore!! :)

andrea chiu said...

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Cindy Dy said...

Very interesting story. I didn't find it boring to read. In fact, I really had a lot of fun reading your post. Thanks.


lee woo said...

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Oliver Maurice said...

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