Thursday, March 27, 2014

Popular on Polyvore: Eco-Friendly Glitter Nail Polish and Sustainable Pillows

Polyvore members are the ultimate arbiters of style. Regardless of their fashion backgrounds or zip codes, they can easily identify the trends that are about to take off and, even better, they know how to style them. From eco-friendly glitter nail polish to reclaimed metal gold cuffs to sustainable fabric pillows, here are the of-the-moment goods that stole their attention – and their cash money! – this week.

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Eco-Beauty: Glittery Nail Polish
Toxic-free nail polish is possible! All of these eco-friendly brands deliver trendy colors that should last as long as your regular nail polish. Shine on!

Eco-Chic: Edgy Gold Cuffs
You can look good and feel great wearing one of these cool cuffs, since the jewelry designers behind them are committed to using reclaimed materials in an effort to support environmental sustainability.

Good Earth: Eco-Friendly Pillows
Do the earth some good by snuggling up to these plush eco-friendly pillows. Made of sustainable fabrics, each rectangle of wonder will bring fresh, eco chic to any room.

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