Thursday, March 20, 2014

Popular on Polyvore: High-Waisted Shorts and Beach Towels

Polyvore members are the ultimate arbiters of style. Regardless of their fashion backgrounds or zip codes, they can easily identify the trends that are about to take off and, even better, they know how to style them. From high-waisted shorts to beach towels to one-piece swimsuits, here are the of-the-moment goods that stole their attention – and their cash money! – this week.

+ Click through to see the items that are trending, then sound off in the comments and let us know what your favorite item is.

Street Style Trend: High-Waisted Shorts
Packing for spring break or a weekend getaway? Be sure to pick up some high-waisted shorts. Here are some great pairs to get you started!

Surf's Up: Colorful Beach Towels
Heading to the shore? Stand out on the sand with these colorful beach towels, starting at $30. From scallops to seagulls, there's a print for you!

18 One-Piece Swimsuits
Switch up your bikini beach look with a new one-piece swimsuit. From fun floral prints to brilliant pops of color, you can't go wrong with any of these trendy looks. Which one will you wear on your next beach vacay?

4 comments: said...

I think that what the world needs now is high waisted shorts, if you want to wear crop tops and if you have a want to show lots of leg, but create the illusion of having some material over your lower half.

I also liked the beach towels, because they are large art forms and are one size fits all when you take them to the beach.

On a trip, they make great souvenirs: they won't break in your luggage and if you are over the set luggage weight, you can bring it onboard and use it as an inflight blanket.

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