Monday, April 7, 2014

Did You Know...You Can Spring Clean on Polyvore?

Did you know: you can get your Spring Clean on by organizing the things you love on Polyvore? Whether you use the "organize items" button on your profile or build categorized collections as you shop, everything's easier to find when sorted all neat and tidy! 

Spring Cleaning! Top Set for 3/18/2014

Spring Cleaning! Top Set for 3/18/2014 by maryv-1 on Polyvore

  • The Organizer page is accessible via your profile page under the "More" drop-down menu and can help you quickly filter, tag, or delete your saved items
  • Building categorized collections (such as "wishlist," "owned," or even "dream big"!) can help you keep things straight. Then, as you shop, you can use the "+ collection" button on the item page to add and sort things you find
  • Having clean, organized items really helps when creating. You can easily find your saved items while in the editor by filtering by tags
Polyvore Spring Cleaning

Polyvore Spring Cleaning by cb-hula featuring a green purse


Q. Where can I find the Organizer? 

A. You can find the Organizer from your profile page inside the "More" drop-down menu. You can also find it on your activity page as the Organize Items link.

Q. How can I better organize my items?

A. You can organize your items by tagging them in the Organizer. Create tags by entering your custom label into the "tag selected items with..." bar. You can apply more than one tag at a time to your selected items by separating your labels with a comma in the bar. You can later access the items by their individual tags.

Q. How do I remove items from My Items?

A. Go to the item's page and select the heart button. That should unlike the item. You can also unlike items in bulk if you go to the Organizer from your activity page. When you are in the Organizer, you can select multiple items at once and use the "delete" button. Please keep in mind that if you inadvertently unlike items, we cannot retrieve them for you. You'll need to find them and add them to your items again.

Q. I need more info on using items on Polyvore. Can you help?

A. Sure! Visit our Items help page for even more info.


Now that you know how to organize your items into categorized collections, show us what's on your wishlist by sharing your collection with us on Twitter using #PolyvoreWishlist! 


Dawn Adams said...

Is there a way I can "like" specific designers or sites?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Polyvore Team! You guys R_O_C_K! I do have a suggestion for you. How about for our collections, can we have the option to alphabetize them? Is there a way to obtain an item from a set in a draft collection while we are in the middle of creating a set?
Thank you,
Rene St Hilaire

cb-hula said...

Very informative. Thanks for posting my Spring Cleaning set!

Lerato said...

OMG I've been using Polyvore for 6 years (almost 7)and throughout the years I've accumulated an OBSCENE amount of items! Even though I have a ton of drafts, some from like 3 or 4 years ago, I haven't made a set in 8 months!! All I do now is clip items and organize them...

Anonymous said...

There should be an Android app .

Anonymous said...

There is an app for Iphone , but there isn't an app for Android . How come ?

Anonymous said...

Please make an android app.

Anonymous said...

I love how we can search through tags now!

It would be great if we could save multiple copies of the same draft or drag and drop items from one to another. Sometimes one draft turns into a great idea for two!

Lidia Solymosi said...

Thank oyu Polyvore Team. It is so great to see more and more features to help out out here. I have some clipping issues lol so thi sdef will help me Spring clean here on Polyvore. Hugs :)
Lidia Solymosi

Anonymous said...

This is a great feature, thank you! It would also be great if the tagged items could be organized in turn by clicking and dragging. So I could, for instance with my items tagged tops, organize them into colours etc? You can shift items in your collections which is great, however, it would be even greater if one could have more than 100 items in any one collection.
Cheers, Kajsa x

Donna Freeman said...

I just recently learned how to organize. I keep learning new things all the time. I have been on polyvore for 1 year and love it.

I would love to be able to alphabetize item group that I have organized.
I would like to be able to drag and drop items from one draft to another. Many times I end up with what could be 2 or 3 sets in one draft.
It would be great if we could drag and drop items in the organized groups into colors, etc.

Anonymous said...

Please make an android app

Cecile 1992 said...

Very helpful. Thank you!

Cecile 1992 said...

You don't need an android app if you have a GALAXY NOTE.

The Perfect LBD said...

Hi I am wondering how you change the pre-allocated colour with an imported product? I can not seem to do it in Polyvore and I am not sure if this has something to do with metatagging from my website? I have my own range of Little Black Dresses and they aren't reading as 'black' on Polyvore - apparently they are grey - so don't work with the obvious filter (BLACK) and wont work for customers/other Polyvore members who are looking for a black dress. I have added tags but I suspect they are only applicable for my library and wont stay with the product if someone else clips them? The problem will still be there if they import them from my site unless it can be changed.

I am also trying to figure out how you can create a 'collection' from individual products? I am new to Polyvore but it seems I can only create collections from style sets? not individual products?

As a small business owner I see the potential for Polyvore to help build my brand and business - MUCH better than other social media platforms - I just need some guidance to understand it better

Anonymous said...

Thank you Polyvore I much better from depression because here I distract myself and express my feelings in art form.
Could you increase the number of items to do our job? I think it is 45 bit. Sorry for the request, but our work with more items become beautiful. Thank you team, you are a show in the area of ​​entertainment and joy for us. Hugs to all! Thanks!!!
Regina Borges

Mishuk Molla said...

Very helpful. Thanks for posting my Spring Cleaning set!