Thursday, April 17, 2014

Polyvore Members at Coachella

Last weekend, community members vanessanaataly and ilianavilla attended Coachella as Polyvore Community Correspondents. The hot weekend was filled with good music, great trend spotting and celebrities all around. Get the full scoop from Vanessa and Iliana.

Vanessa at Coachella
How was it? 
The VIP experience at Coachella was amazing and very comfortable. We spent a lot of our time in the VIP tents because the tents have shade which is terribly hard to find outside of the tents. They also have air-conditioned bathrooms and the lines aren't as long as the ones outside of the tent. The tents have these huge fans which spray mist and really help us freshen up. The VIP experience was just absolutely one-of-a-kind.

What was the highlight of your weekend? 
The highlight of my experience was being able to share this with my sister. We typically do everything together; we are very close. Being able to share with this not just one, but all of my sisters, was truly amazing. And thanks to Polyvore for allowing my sister and me to be the #communitycorrespondents for this event. It was amazing!

Iliana and Vanessa
Music music music….tell us everything!
There were many amazing bands at Coachella. I watched Cage The Elephant, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Pharrell, Kid Cudi, The Head and the Heart, Zoe, GROUPLOVE and more. Of all the groups we did watch, my favorites include Zoe and GROUPLOVE. These bands, to me, were spectacular. GROUPLOVE, with their performance, gave off such a great vibe. It made me dance and jump. Regardless of being in the heat, they didn't have pouty faces. They had big smiles, and you could tell that they were really into the music. To me, that is something really great to do while on stage, and not everyone can pull it off. As for Zoe, I was really excited to see them perform live because I've liked them since I was a little girl. To watch them live was just amazing.

Did you see any celebrities?
 At Coachella, it's so difficult to distinguish people there since there are thousands and thousands of people. Fortunately, my sister and I were able to spot a couple celebrities: Camilla Belle and Emma Roberts. That was quite the experience.

Any tips for anyone going to Coachella?
There are so many tips I would like to give to anyone going to Coachella, especially since this was my first time going, First of all, stay hydrated because it gets really hot, and you wouldn't want to end up in the hospital due to dehydration or end up getting heat stroke. I recommend you take hats and sunglasses and sunscreen since the sun is really hot there. You wouldn't want to get sunburned. Overall, my advice is to have fun! For me, those three days went by so fast because of how fun this festival is. There are so many great bands to see. Just take your time, go see whoever you want to see and live in the moment. Oh, and one last thing, wear comfortable shoes!
Coachella Essentials

Tell us about Coachella, Ilianna
I had never been to the Coachella Festival and the VIP experience, for me, was really impressive. I mean, there were so many perks, I couldn't even keep up. We had shade, which I heard was harder to find outside of the tents; we had exclusive food vendors that sold incredible food; we had exclusive bathrooms that were air conditioned, clean and had shorter lines than at the general bathrooms. My favorite part was the Samsung Galaxy Owner's tent. Since my sister and I are Samsung Galaxy owners, we had access to free massages, and we got our batteries exchanged for new ones once they lost their charge. We had private lockers and so much more. It was really great, all thanks to Polyvore.

Iliana at Coachella
What was the highlight of your experience?
The highlight of my experience, I think, was the entire thing. There was never a dull moment in this experience. It was actually pretty cool how we met a couple girls there who told us that they follow us on Polyvore. We asked if we could take a picture of their outfits to send to Polyvore and they told us they use the site and that they already follow us. That was pretty cool.

Who was your favorite band? 
I saw almost all the bands I had originally planned on seeing. The highlight band of the entire weekend was Zoe because they represent the Mexican culture, to me, and they’re playing at this great event. Their performance, along with the fact that they performed there, inspired my sister and me to try to perform there next year. We will do everything in our power to be able to perform there next year. We will do it; we believe we can.

COACHELLA - My Favorite Band: ZOE

Any tips for anyone going to Coachella? 
Coachella is three days, so I would advise you to shower as often as you can because of all the dirt flying around. You will need the shower. Take a water bottle you can refill. Polyvore was generous enough to give my sister and me a metal water bottle and it was extremely helpful for us. Wear plenty of sunscreen, you'll need it! The sun is so bright that it can really leave you with a bad sunburn. Take plenty of sunglasses and hats! Be prepared because there is plenty of wind and sun. And bands! I recommend you watch as many bands as you can, there are so many new acts you can see, plus some that you already know, but explore. Last but not least, be safe!

Check out the Coachella coverage here:


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what is the Coachella think cause I live in London and we don't celebrate this type of thing?

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Coachella is a type of music festival here in California. It started off with hippies partying and listening to tons of wonderful music. It's expensive but worth it. It would really be a dream come true if I ever went! :)

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Sounds like you had a blast! Good for you guys. Such fun. Nice to hear about it all first hand from a fellow Poly lover!

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