Monday, May 5, 2014

Did You Know Hosting a Polyvore Meetup is Fun and Easy?

Did you know: we will help you organize and promote your meetup though Polyvore, social media, and with a real life meetup kit? Polyvore Meetup groups small and large exist around the world and community members near you are just waiting to get together for an event! Here are four kinds of Polyvore Meetups to get you started. 

Look for meetup communities near you or start an event today at!

the Coffee Casual meetup

Gather a small group (3-12 works best) and hit your favorite coffee shop, brunch spot, or lunch locale. We recommend a round table where everyone can sip some java and join in on the convo at once! This casual style meetup is quick and easy to put together - just set a time and place and everything's pretty much done.

Recommended for busy-bee or carefree community members. 

Give it a try, Huntington Beach, CA

the Fashion-Forward meetup

Another great small-medium size group idea, take 3-15 Polyvore lovers on a fashion-forward shopping adventure. Visit the local mall, boutiques around town, your favorite thrift or vintage store...anywhere you love to shop. Bonus points for prepping a shopping scavenger hunt!

Recommended for shopaholic or get-up-and-go community members. 

Give it a try, Minneapolis

the Very Virtual meetup

This high-tech hangout idea is super flexible! Why? You can meetup from anywhere with as few or as many people as you'd like. This event can work with multiple groups in two places or many individuals across the world. Just set the time and (virtual) place, send out that link, and meetup online. Are your Skype and Google Hangout accounts ready? Ours are!

Recommended for long-distance or homebody community members.

the Guest Star meetup

When meeting up to talk fashion, who better to invite than someone in the industry? Usually a higher-attendance event (think between 8 and 25+ people), this type of meetup includes a special guest or sponsor - from designers to boutique owners - and takes place in studios, offices, over meals, or at a retail store. If you're über-connected, you might even score a gift or two for all your attendees!

Recommended for well-connected or extroverted community members. 

Give it a try, NYC and Brazil!

FAQ with @karineminzonwilson:

Q. What are you planning to do at your meetup this month?
A. I am planning a lunch with amazing Polyvore Brazilian members, bloggers, and brands in one of the most trendy places of the moment, Lagoon, where there are beautiful, stylish people and an amazing view of Rio de Janeiro. We will share our Polyvore experiences, take pictures, talk about fashion, and have a really great time. I've attended a meet up in NYC, visited the Polyvore team in California, and met the adorable Leanne (@houseofhauteness) and Katia (@pisces7) in person! Now I have the opportunity to meet members in my own country.

Q. How does Polyvore help you host a meetup?
A. The Polyvore community team helps me a lot. They promote my meetup sets on Polyvore and social media, they invite Brazilian community members personally via private message, and they will send a Polyvore gift for all participants. Chrystal ( is always available to answer my questions and help me in any way possible.

Q. How do you use Polyvore to promote your meetups?
A. I use my Polyvore account to make sets about the meetup with all the event details and spread the word. Also, Polyvore helps me promote my sets on the homepage. 

Q. How do you use social media to promote your meetups?
A. I like to use my Instagram (@karineminzonwilson) and Facebook accounts to promote the event. I have one strong group of Polyvore friends on these platforms that are nice enough to help, too! They help by not only posting sets, but by posting pictures of Rio, tagging people and friends. 

Q. How do you get brands, bloggers, and designers involved with your meetups?
A. I'll look for them personally, introduce my work on Polyvore, show that I have more than 50 million views, and explain how the site works. People get very excited and want to attend! Here's who will be attending my upcoming meetup: Nina Moraes Design (children's décor), Mary Kay do Brasil (who will be gifting attendees), and some amazing bloggers. And, until the meetup, I hope to get more people involved! 


MarinaMarry said...

I just can`t wait to be a part of another Polyvore meetup! It is such a great experience :)

Ugeena said...

I just signed up for my first Polyvore Meet Up in NYC especially since I live in a small town in Central Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

I find very interesting the organization of mee-up between people who love Polyvore and fashion .... it certainly is a beautiful moment of aggregation between people with same tastes . I wish to karine a success for the organization of his meet-up in Rio de Jameiro....Alessandro

Anonymous said...

Love polyvore!
If you want my account is: SelahSue

Hannah Everly said...

Love polyvore!
If you want my account is: SelahSue

Sheri Hadfield said...

How do you find other polyvore lovers who live locally? Sounds like such fun.


Julia Han said...

Wow, it's really fun. Very interesting!
Love polyvore! I do want to chat with others about fashion. My account is: Julia Han.