Monday, June 2, 2014

Did You Know Following Others Makes it Easier to Discover Things You Love?

Did you know: following other Polyvore members makes discovering things you love even easier? By following others whose taste you share or admire, you're actually making the site smarter! How? Well, not only will products and sets from those you follow start showing up in your Following feed, but we can start to understand your personal taste. The more members you follow and the more items you "like," the more so-totally-you stuff will appear when you log in!


Follow Your Heart Pillow

That sounds easy, right? The tricky part is knowing where to find people to follow. Here are a few places to start:
  • Check out the homepage. We highlight sets made by talented & creative community members all day, every day.
  • Follow back. Did someone "like" or comment on one of your sets? Did they give you a follow? Click their profile, explore their taste and style, and give 'em a follow, too!
  • Have friends that are already on Polyvore? Do a quick member search for their username. 
  • Don't forget about brand pages! If you have a favorite brand, you can search them and give their page a follow. You'll start seeing their content and even get sale alerts.
  • Connect your other social pages and we will let you know which friends are on Polyvore!
  • Click on "recommended members to follow" in your Following feed. You can also find community members with similar taste in the feed, as those you already follow "like" sets and products from others. 

10,000 Followers Thank You!! #1818

10,000 Followers Thank You!! #1818 by gaburrus featuring a long bib necklace


Q. How do I do a member search to find friends to follow?
A. Use the search bar on the top right of the page. Enter your friend's username and select "members" with the drop down options. After you follow them, you'll be able to see their creations and "likes" in your Following feed.

Q. How can I find my friends from other social media sites?
A. You can do that by going to your activity page and selecting "find friends" from the grey box next to your profile icon. Choose the social site(s) on which you want to find friends, then follow them on Polyvore or invite them to join!

Q. What's the best way to get more followers?
A. Just have fun on Polyvore and the followers will come. It can be anything from creating sets and collections to liking products and other members' creations. You can get involved in contests or simply leave a nice note on a set you love. Trust us, the community will notice what you do and give you a follow, too!

Q. I just made a Polyvore account- who am I automatically following and why?
A. When you are a new user, we have you auto-follow a few accounts so that your feed is full of beautiful sets and products from the beginning! You can always unfollow these accounts by going to the account profile and clicking the unfollow button.

Q. I need more help with following. Where should I go?
A. Check out our help center for more!


Quryous said...

This is pretty cool! Thanks!! Can we find people to follow on the android app? I can't seem to find a search option. :)

Quryous said...

I forgot to say that I'm @kurious on Polyvore.... very similar to my present username. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes following people is very helpful! (this is @vanaynayreed ) I really like how you can look at all the sets from the people your following at once. :)

☆Mz Gee☆ said...

Thank you Polyvore for choosing my set as part of your blog article yesterday. It was an honor being chosen from many. I love this site and will continue to flourish as much as possible.

Kaitlin J. said...

p0eticOne D said...

I love being on here, I create the way I like to dress. I won 1st place since I've been a member last year some time, abd although I never received the prize, it was still cool. I guess with so many members it's difficult to make yourself stand out, but I hope to gain notice from Polyvore. Just makes me more determined to produce nice sets.