Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You Asked Us Anything And We Answered!

Last week, our Android team sat down to answer all your questions about the new app, it's current and potential future features (say that 10 times fast), Polyvore office culture, and more. We hosted the chat primarily on Reddit, but fielded questions across social media and on the site itself, so we thought we'd put them all in one place. Take a look and let us know if the AMA was helpful - the team loved having the opportunity to get 1:1 with the Polyvore community!

The team:
  • Cindy - UX design
  • Vishwa - mobile product manager
  • Kenson - mobile tech lead
  • Hongjie - mobile engineer 
  • Josh - infrastructure engineer 
  • Jason - product manager
Your questions:

Q. What was your favorite feature to build for the app?
A. I loved designing the editor, playing around with different tools and fonts. - Cindy

Implementing activity notifications and product manipulation (touch screen instead of keyboard
and mouse) within the app editor was pretty sweet! - Josh

Q. What was the hardest part of transitioning to the app?
A. The hardest part of going to app from desktop is the number of different devices. We're supporting
over 3,500 currently and figuring out how to deal with them all was crazy. - Team

Q. When will the clipper tool be added to the Android app?
A. Rest assured it's on the roadmap for our team! - Jason

Q. What are the best places to eat near your offices in Mountain View?
A. Some of us are eating our way through Castro St., but we're partial to Buffalo for burgers and bao.  - Team

Q. Is there a Polyvore version for men?
A. We're now focused on women's fashion, beauty, and home décor, but the platform is open and you can clip in pretty much anything. Here's the tool to use! - Team

Q. Can you guys make a multi or group chat? What about adding the color blocks to the 
Android app?
A. Multi-chat is not planned at the moment, but we love hearing from our users about what
they want to see and take that into consideration for development. Thank you mucho for the suggestion! - Jason

As for color blocks, it was investigated for the app and we ran into some technical issues with the
gestures (non-fixed aspect ratio scaling - dunno if you want to go into that detail here, haha). We'd
love to add it in the future though since we know many users love that feature on desktop!
- Kenson

Q. How are top sets selected by Polyvore?
A. The top sets featured on our homepage are actually "chosen" organically which means they're
based on engagement and activity. A collection (just like the kind you can make through your own
Polyvore account) has been programmed to collect those organically-picked sets each day and post
them to the homepage. - Team

Q. Will we see Polyvore for Windows phones anytime soon?
A. Sorry, this one's not in the plan right now. - Team

Q. Can you make an app for Android tablets, too, please?
A. Our current app is compatible with Android tablets, depending on your device (just like for the phones). We'll be continuing to optimize the tablet experience to make it even better! - Jason

Q. How come I am having trouble searching for the app in the Google Play Store? 
A. Try here: polyvore.com/android or here. - Team

Q. Is it fun being on the Polyvore Android team?
A. Android is a whole other beast from iOS and the web. We love the interesting challenges we're facing - think of having a whole new set of toys to play with. - Kenson

Yes, the team is also fantastic and our working dynamic just seems to flow. There's something
special about this team. We love what we do so much that one of our engineers has a dog named
Android. - Jason

Q. Answer wisely, Coke or Pepsi?
A. Let's just say that we could blind taste-test all kinds of Coke and tell you which is regular, diet,
Zero, and caffeine-free. But the real answer is a combo of beer and Red Bull. - Team

Q. Can we get some of the older features like style advice? What about searching for sets by category?
A. We've updated how we do style advice based on community suggestions and questions. If there's a tricky trend you're curious about, send a message to the polyvore-editorial account on Polyvore. We can then gather great sets and items liked by the community in a post for the homepage! For example, we recently did one on what to wear to Barcelona. - Team

Set search will be available in a future Android releases. We have gotten this request a lot and are working to make it happen! - Jason

Q. Will I see an app for my Kindle?
A. We're big fans of the Kindle and Amazon store over here...we may have a surprise for you in the
near future :) - Team

Q. What happened to the groups feature on the app?
A. The Android app was not released with a groups feature. Currently we have our attention on new features that will be mobile-specific and exclusive to your device that will provide you with an awesome Polyvore experience on your phones or tablets. You might not even see them on desktop, just mobile! - Team

Q. Will you be adding collections to the Android app?
A. This is certainly on our radar! Thanks for the feedback! - Jason

Q. How come my device is not supported on Android?
A. We currently support 3,500 different devices (crazy!) but did have to choose where to stop developing. The reason for this is that in providing older devices with an app, it would reduce the quality of the app for everyone, including those with newer ones. It was a tough decision but one we had to make for the sake of user experience! - Jason

Q. Will we see contests soon on the app?
A. This is something we're looking at based on feedback. Thanks for letting us know what you want to see! - Team

Q. Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
A. I think it's morally wrong, but yes, yes they do. - Kenson

Q. Do you have advice for getting recognized and getting more followers on Polyvore? 
A. There's no secret sauce, but engagement on site (from comments to liking others' sets) seems to  work well and so does sharing your creations on your other social sites/blogs. Here's something our community team put together that should help, too! - Team

Q. Why did you remove private messages from the Android app?
A. Try updating to the latest Android app and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Our goal was
first to release the core experience for our users and now we're adding features like messages.
- Kenson

Q. Where did the idea for Polyvore come from?
A. One of our founders was remodeling his home and after browsing through the hundreds of products, like doorknobs and fixtures, available, he built a tool to drag and drop things into a canvas as a way of organizing his choices. The idea has always been to make it an open platform. The users gravitated toward fashion and we decided to focus and be known for one thing first. Once we had the hang of it, we expanded to beauty and home décor, as our founder had originally imagined! - Team

Q. If Andy Warhol were alive today, do you think HE would create digital art (through a site 
like Polyvore) or would he be against it?
A. I think you can find and make art in any medium...and I think A.W. would agree! In fact, check
this out. - Kenson


Anonymous said...

how did yall come up with this website

Anonymous said...

You see all the questions about the android app and why this and why that until.... Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? Lol so random!

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Please I sent you a message a few minutes ago telling you about my suspended account. I don't know why it was suspended. Please answer! I really respect you and your company. (Message was sent from @i-c-o-n-s)

Alex said...

I couldn't find a form for feedback but you should all really consider group messaging!!!! I adore your site, have been on it for 4 years. I've seen lots of amazing add-ons, and thank you for it all!

But it's odd how there's still no group messaging! :)

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You guys should consider adding a "like" feature for templates- so we can like the templates and find them quickly instead of having to search through old sets or hundreds of pages of templates on the editor.