Monday, July 14, 2014

Did You Know Your Questions & Feedback Have Helped Us Help You?

Without going too Jerry Maguire on you, did you know that every "how to..." email, tweet, and comment you send is super useful, allowing us to determine the FAQs, then update our Help Center accordingly? Maintained and monitored every single day by our dedicated community team, the Polyvore Help Center is there to get you answers ASAP so that you can keep creating and shopping. Questions about how a feature works or how to update your profile? Thanks to our active community and on-the-ball community team, there's probably already an answer for it! Even better, the Help Center is now mobile-friendly, so you can figure-it-out on-the-go!

Types of info you can find in the Help Center:

  • Your account - including notifications, passwords, and privacy settings
  • The Clipper tool - use it to clip in products galore from other sites to use in sets
  • Our Editor - everything you need to know to get creating
  • Apps on apps - where to download 'em, how to use 'em, and more, for iOS and Android
  • Much more, worth exploring to become a Polyvore Pro!


Help! by duchessbee featuring scarves

FAQ with Caitlyn, Polyvore's Community Policy & Support Coordinator:

Q. What do you do at Polyvore?
A. Cue the sirens because I'm kind of like the Polyvore police! The community team makes sure the Polyvore community is safe, happy, and aware of our site guidelines. Specifically, I answer all the questions that come through our Help Center and am the first line of defense for copyright and trademark issues. We work to evaluate and respond to the flags from our Polyvore community. Daily upkeep like this helps ensure that Polyvore is a positive place for our awesome community. 

Q. What is the best thing about the Help Center for the community and for you?
A. The Help Center is a great place to start if you encounter an issue or bug on the site or just need some extra info. The search function allows you to easily find solutions without having to dig through different articles. The Help Center keeps me on my toes because I am always adding and revising articles to address the community's FAQs!

Q. Have real-time questions about site bugs lead to real-time fixes? 
A. Oh yeah! Our active community usually knows when something is wonky before we do. Whenever an issue pops up by multiple users, we report it to the larger team right away. I troubleshoot smaller issues on my own then, if we can make an engineering-level change, I bring in the team.

Q. What's one thing you want the community to know?
A. We're here to help, so if you ever have a question you can't find the answer to, just submit a request. Oh, and we really do share all your feedback with the rest of the Polyvore team! 


Brandi said...

There's a feature where you can see who saved items on the polyvore app by clicking the item and seeing who saved it & when. That feature has been discontinued on the computer version & a lot of us want that feature back so please put it back on the computer version.
Also, we should be able to make our profiles private.
Lastly, please bring the showcases back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Poly team! I no have questions.I want to thank you for the joy I feel in being able to create freely here. I suffer from depression and Polyvore help me alot in my treatment.Thank you all!

Brievel Montague said...

I'm with Brandi on seeing the item likes - y'all had comments too briefly, which was kind of cool - and SHOWCASES!! Lots of us love our showcases!!
My original request - please support Opera!! I may be the only geeky Opera user on Polyvore, but I am a geeky Opera user and I really want to be able to geekily use Opera for Polyvore! Thanks!
(And sorry I've bothered you so much, Caitlyn, but not enough to stop doing so. :\ )

obat pelangsing alami said...

just blogwalking.. nice post :D

Anonymous said...

I love this website. I really do, but I miss the Ask tab. I got lots of help and I loved helping people. I don't expect my one comment to bring it back, but I just wanted to let you know that taking this away has disappointed me.

Nikell (Modestyfashions on Polyvore) said...

I agree with Brandi (the first comment)
That feature was very helpful. Please bring it back (^_^)

Anonymous said...

why doesnt my likes and views update :////

phreak said...

I just wanted to say thanks for everything! You have been super helpful and I'm really grateful!

Rabija Kustura said...

I really want back direct connection from Polyvore to Pinterest and Ask Tab,or smthg similar where other members help other in styling or finding items :)

Anya said...

I would honestly love a feature under the Likes tab in our profiles where you could see, separately, sets, items, and collections.

Another feature that would be fabulous would be the option to like every item in a collection - so with 100 item collections I wouldn't have to scroll through and like every single item, and instead just unlike the items I don't like.

Miss H.B.W. said...

I want their to be a way that i can trim the outside and inside of objects. I want to have two paths, not one.

theBARBIEfication said...

When going to a person's profile to view their sets I would like it if any commentary that they wrote for the set was also visible on the profile page so that we can see it without having to click on the individual set.

Margaretferreira said...

Kudos Caitlyn!!! Job well done!

Ery said...

Two years back we had a section where we could get advice on outfits and also give others styling advice. That was what branded Polyvore as the leading fashion blog site; bring that back and also let us make our profiles private and bring the showcases back. Polyvore is slowly starting to become horrible.

mzbossyfashions11 said...

i think our profiles should be private. We understand the items will be used by everyone, but they should be able to use the items after we create our sets. when we search for items, and save them, when i cook dinner and come back, all my items have been used already.We search high and low for the perfect item ,and somebody can take all the items and use them all to create a set with all the same items u were about to use. So FRUSTRATING.

Anonymous said...

I have no problems with polyvore. I love the way it functions and its a great way to show off our style. for me its away to show the style I have, but don't have the $$ for. The only problems ive ever run into are people on the site, which they cant control and its solved with a simple click of the block button. I received an email telling me I was in Polyvores top 5%, not surprising because I am on polyvore literally everyday. they sent a survey and I basically said the same things now, that I love the site and they couldn't do anything better. Through polyvore ive met some really cool people who I know that if I knew them personally id be best fiends with. polyvore is the best andi always plan on being in their 5% :)

Lady Brown Eyes said...

I LOVE Polyvore and have been a daily active contributor for 5 years now. I have a question for you: Recently every time I get on the site I've been getting pop-ups from a Playopus (?) and an out-of-sync pop-up. I've run my new antivirus, malware and spyware removal tools to no avail. And I'm not getting these irritating pop-ups on any other site. It's so bad it's made me avoid Polyvore altogether...and I hate it. So, I don't believe it to be a virus since one of my three programs would have caught and deleted can you please help me with this? Please. Like I said I log on to Polyvore EVERYDAY and needless to say I NEED MY POLYVORE FIX!! Please respond with some kind of help for me. POLYVORE is a huge part of my life and I've brought a ton of people to your site. Please help me with this because I am at my wits end. I post as Lady Brown Eyes. Thank you.