Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New and Improved iPhone App

UPDATE 8/27/2014: Thank you again for sharing your feedback on the new iPhone app! We read every single piece of feedback and have built in some changes to make your experience better. 

We just released a new version of Polyvore to the App Store with improvements including:
1. Smoother and faster loading pages, especially on slow and choppy networks
2. Set (and product) description preview
3. Notification counts on activity and mailbox
4. Deleting and editing set descriptions directly from the set page
5. Quick previews of set like counts on your own profile... and more!

Get the new app here.

We hope you enjoy this update -- thanks again and please continue to send in feedback!

UPDATE: Thanks for all your feedback. We're working on some of the issues around your reports about slowness. We've identified some of the root causes and we're on it! Please continue to give us feedback.

Dear Polyvore Community,

Today, we’re excited to share a new version of the Polyvore iPhone app that makes it easier, faster and more fun to find and browse what you love. Our goal was to make the app simpler and cleaner, and to make it easier for you to quickly discover, shop and create the latest trends on the go.

New and Improved iPhone App

Here are some of the things we’ve changed:

Simpler, cleaner design. Mobile apps are best when they’re simple! We got feedback that horizontal scrolling was confusing, so we changed the Feed to scroll vertically. Based on feedback from our many beta testers, we found that this is much easier and faster to use. While we were at it, we took the time to make our design feel more streamlined and modern.

Double tap to like sets and items. This makes it quick and easy to like your favorite sets! The sets are also slightly larger, so it’s easier to see all your beautiful creations. And check out our fun little heart animation when you double tap.

Items in your Feed. We've now added items to your stream, which allows you to easily discover the cool new products your friends are liking. This also makes Polyvore’s app experience closer to the desktop experience. To filter to just items or sets, you can tap the Filter button in the top-right corner of your Feed.

New Browse tab makes it easier to browse and shop. Use the search box to find products, brands, sets, hashtags or people. You can also browse by “Trends” or “Categories”. Go to "Top Picks" to find top sets and cool stuff we've highlighted.

Endless browsing on set and item pages.  Want to find a fresh set or item? Just scroll down to browse more similar looks.

Here’s a quick FAQ to answer questions we were commonly asked by our beta testers:
  • Where is Shop? 
    • Shopping is now in the Browse tab. You can now shop by trend or shop by category (shoes, dresses, etc.) 
  • Where are Top Sets? And editorial features? 
    • Top collections and features can be found under Top Picks in the Browse tab 
  • How do I search? 
    •  The search bar is also in Browse, where you can still search for sets, collections and members 
    • Added bonus: Now you can search for hashtags, too! 
    • Plus, to make it easier to find what you love, we save your most recent searches to help you when you’re searching for it again 
  • How can I filter my Feed? 
    • The “Filter” in the top right corner of your feed lets you choose what you want to see: creations, likes, items or all 
  • Where can I find the set descriptions? 
    • To see detailed descriptions, you can click on the “i” info icon on sets and items 
We hope these new changes make checking in and shopping on the go easier, faster and more fun! 

As always, let us know if you have feedback or suggestions for how to make Polyvore better. We’ll be reading your comments carefully and will respond here on the blog with any updates.

Download it here.

The Polyvore Team


Anonymous said...

Love the double tap! Makes liking so much easier. =)

Tugce said...

Wow! Super new for us :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new design! But I would love to know why I am not able to view the people who liked other sets on the app? When I try looking, I'm only able to like the set myself. Why is that?

Anonymous said...

Can the Android users have some improvements? Polyvore became like my hobby and I need that. x

Ceci said...

Great job. When I'm not using the iPad, I still prefer making sets with my iPod Touch 5 rather than with my Galaxy S4 Mini. I love the new graphic <3

Kaitlyn said...

I like the double tap and thats it!!
I hate how you have to scroll down instead of to the side.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the new version all that much. It may just be my phone but its slower than it used to be and I preferred the side to side 'scroll' and it used to be a lot easier to like the items that are in the set. However I do really like the double tap feature

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the new version all that much. It may just be my phone but its slower than it used to be and I preferred the side to side 'scroll' and it used to be a lot easier to like the items that are in the set. However I do really like the double tap feature

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the update. Would be nice if the auto link to Pinterest was available again.

Rebekah said...

I don't mind the new update, the scrolling down I can get used to. Thank you for bringing back the arrows/numbers! But PLEASE add colors for the ipod/iphone app!

i_vera said...

The new version is really slow and there is not an option to like comments!thanks anyway!

Sherri Belcher said...

I do have some input I would like to share. First of all, like all of us, I love Polyvore!!! I appreciate all you do to improve things for us and make this the #1 site I wish to come to every day!

Like any change, this one takes some getting used to. I have figured my way through most of the changes. In the beginning the update made my phone virtually unusable for Polyvore as the screen was always stuck in a loading mode for most things I tried to get into. I have noticed some improvement with the slow loading and I know you have been working on this issue.

There are just a couple of issues that I have not been able to figure out yet. I am not sure if other users have had these issues and/or if you have been made aware of them.

1)The Top Picks screen has not refreshed since the new app came along.
2)I have noticed that some sets that I have previously liked don't show that I liked them when I return to that person's page.

...and I much preferred being able to see a number for amount of activity on my account.

As an added note, the device I use the new app on is an IPhone 5s.

Thank you for all you do:)

ellie said...

I hate the new version..since I have to scroll differently(and I could do it so quickly before..but not now) and the double tap doesn't work..just opens to another slide window.

It would be great if you could use templates on this version too. Please down use the scroll up for the androids. I really haven't seen anything all that helpful in the new design..sorry.

Charlotte said...

Thank you for fixing the bugs! I was one of the many that commented on how much I liked to go through my sets and view the likes, and I'm so happy that you've fixed it to do that again! And thank you for putting the number of notifications along with the blue dot.

However I still wish commenting on the sets on my newsfeed were easier like it was on the old app. The double tap feature makes it easier to like, but to comment you have to click on the set and wait for it to load. I enjoy leaving love on some sets on my way to class during breaks, but I can't easily comment like was able to before. Hope y'all might fix that.

Something else I would like to see is a tab on the app when you click on the item that says "Collections with this item" like there was on the old app. Made it infinitely easier to look through collections with that item, rather than sifting through all the sets and similar looks like you have to now.

Thank you again for creating such a wonderful site, it's my absolute favorite! Been a proud member for 5 years now :)


p.s. I still miss the showcases. ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't like it. I spend a lot of time on the poly app because it was more like the old polyvore that I loved. Now, it's practically the same as the online version only worse.

1. Why can't we see the list of people who like other people's sets?

2. Why can't we see the list of people who like an item? ---This was a feature unique to the app, you took this feature away from online version awhile back.

And I hate down scrolling.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and bring back the feature that listed all the collections an item is in. I used that feature constantly. Very upset you took that away.

Autumn said...

A lot of my friends have the Polyvore iPhone app and love it, but I can't get it because I have an Android. I love Polyvore and I wish I could spend more time on it, but during the school year I don't have easy access to Internet. Could you make a Android-friendly app?

Violet Reine said...

I was going to say I was looking forward to the update for the android phones, but after reading some of these other comments, I'm a bit worried. I'm sure you are working on that and we'll get it in time. One thing it seems that still hasn't made it to the app are the COLORS. Please, put the COLORS in the app!

Thanks for all you do creating a wonderful place for us all to "create and congregate"!

Anonymous said...

Love all these new updates! I hope sometime in the future we will be able to see things about groups and enter contests on mobile. It can get quite frustrating when I have to keep switching back and forth

Anonymous said...

I hope it fixes my app...I haven't updated yet


Anonymous said...

Updating the app at this time. I hope that the issues that I was having with the app from the last update have been fixed. Fingers crossed! :)

mera said...

Please bring back 2012 version, for designs!

mera said...

Please bring back 2012 version, for designs!

mera said...

Please bring back 2012 version, for designs!

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