Monday, July 7, 2014

Polyvore Members at Dwell on Design

Community members barngirl and kelly-taylor attended Dwell on Design as Polyvore Community Correspondents. For three full days, their schedules were packed with dynamic exhibits, educational opportunities, a first look at cutting-edge technologies, 250+ speakers and, of course, 200 innovative, modern products.

Here’s kelly-taylor to tell us more about how the event went.

Tell us about Dwell on Design 
Dwell on Design was a great show to learn about decor and the design industry. The event was abuzz with color, information and innovation. There were speakers on stages -- interior design consultants, landscaping designers, jewelry designers -- furniture, a hotel and even an Airstream travel trailer. Just about every aspect of interior design was represented as well as new trends in architecture and design.

What was the highlight of the event? 
A highlight for me was being able to tour a fully furnished, life-sized, prefabricated home at the show. I was amazed at their growing popularity and loved the idea of downsizing to a smaller space that is comfortable, stylish, but compact. I liked the idea of living a simple life in an eco-friendly home.

Dwell on Design Keynote Speaker

Who was your favorite speaker or your favorite interior set up? 
I really enjoyed the conversation between Dwell magazine editor Amanda Dameron and designer Stephen Burks. His candid and open discussion about his career path from an architect to becoming a designer was fascinating. He encouraged us all to live our dream and pursue what makes you happy. Also, he talked about his decision not to become a commercial designer, but to remain a designer with more control of his handmade items. He doesn't have the commercial success or the notoriety of many of his peers, but he says that is by choice and he is happy with the path that he has chosen. Today, his beautiful designs are crafted in third world countries all over the world.

Any tips for the community on any interior design trends you noticed? 
Modern design is very big now and specifically Scandinavian design. There were show floor displays, and on stage talks from designers about this simple and minimal design made from natural materials.
Spark Modern Fires at Dwell on Design 2014

Here are barngirl's thoughts around the event.

How was Dwell on design? 
Dwell on Design was amazing! It was much larger than I anticipated. It also presented a far greater array of products and ideas than I could have imagined. It was truly about innovative design not just architecture and interiors. There were strollers, bikes, wrapping paper formed boxes for packaging, a variety of artificial grasses and kitchen cooking demos. Not to mention outstanding coffee bars, juice stations and cocktails!

Hot Wheels at Dwell on Design

What was the highlight of the event? 
The highlight of the weekend was truly the Oak Pass Tree House. With a Polyvore name like barngirl, you can imagine that learning how an old, run-down barn on a hillside above Beverly Hills was transformed into a chic living room with walls of glass was a dream come true for me. And that this chic living room could simply morph into a concert hall for 80 with fab acoustics and open air? Pretty divine.

oak pass tree house at dwell on design

Who was your favorite speaker or your favorite interior set up?
I got very excited to sit down with the people of Galanter & Jones on one of their heated chaises. I love entertaining outdoors on summer evenings and hate when it starts to get chilly, and everyone gets up to go. Now we can party all night feeling super cozy! Why didn’t I think of this?

Any tips for the community on any interior design trends you noticed?
The biggest trend I noticed overall at Dwell was the environmentally-conscious theme. Products using recycled materials, energy-efficient air purifiers and fireplaces, energy-saving kitchen appliances and prefab ecological and economical housing abounded. It’s a hopeful and exciting feeling about style meshing with green thinking for our planet.


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