Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Did You Know There Are Keyboard Shortcuts To Help You Create Like a Pro?


Did you know we have some ridiculously handy keyboard tricks that'll make creating sets easier, faster, and allow you to be more precise? Here are some to try on your next set (use "command" on a Mac and "ctrl" on a PC):
  • arrow keys  =  nudge items by a tiny amount
  • shift  +  arrow keys  =  nudge items by a larger amount
  • tab  =  cycle through items, based on depth
  • shift  +  tab  =  reverse cycle through items, based on depth
  • command (ctrl)  +  click  =  add item in set to selection
  • click on blank area  +  drag  =  multi-selection
  • shift  +  rotate  =  rotation locked at 45 degree increments 
  • command-z (ctrl-z) / command-y (ctrl-y)  =  undo / redo
  • command-s (ctrl-s)  =  save set
  • c  =  center entire set
  • command-a (ctrl-a)  =  select all

Put those to use and you'll be a set-maker extraordinaire in no time! What'll you be creating next? 


Cecil Vedemil said...

Looks great :)

xx Cecil


Niwi said...

Very useful info, thank you :)

kimberlyparrish1 said...
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kimberlyparrish1 said...

Very useful and helpful! Thank you!!!