Thursday, August 7, 2014

Popular on Polyvore: Chambray Shirts and Patchwork Jeans

Polyvore members are the ultimate arbiters of style. Regardless of their fashion backgrounds or zip codes, they can easily identify the trends that are about to take off and, even better, they know how to style them. From Converse low-tops to favorite lipsticks to black cardigans, here are the of-the-moment goods that stole their attention – and their cash money! – this week.

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True Blue: Chic Chambray Shirts
Has the chambray shirt become a wardrobe staple? This isn't just a summer look: Style it for fall with a plaid skirt or wide-legged jeans. Which shirt will you snap up?

Style Touch: Denim Clutches
Wearing denim from head-to-toe is the way to go for fall. Try adding accessories, including high heels and clutches. Which bag will you hold onto?

Retro Cool: Patchwork Jeans
Patchwork jeans have never been more in style, thanks to these hot designer looks. Which trendsetting pair will you wear?

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