Friday, September 5, 2014

Did You Know, Beginners to Pros, Anyone Can Enter a Polyvore Contest?

Did you know that entering a Polyvore contest is simple and fun, a great source of creative inspiration, AND sometimes even an opportunity to win sweet prizes?

A few things you might not know about Polyvore contests:

  • New ones appear all the time - we typically host 10-15/week, 3-4/daily
  • Community members can also host contests if they have a group of 30+
  • Fashion, home and beauty - there's a contest theme for everyone
  • We host prized contests about 3-4x/month, so be on the lookout!
  • A few of our favorite past contest prizes:
    • $5,000 to shop Barneys New York 
    • A paid internship with luxury retailer Luisa Via Roma
    • Styling Brit Morin (of Brit + Co) for her Today Show appearance 
    • All the items on your holiday wish list
    • The chance to fly out to Polyvore HQ in CA to help redo our office

While the Polyvore pros out there have probably entered quite a few contests already, we wanted to share five simple steps for newbies:

1. Every time you visit Polyvore on the web, you will land on the "Following/Explore" page. You will find all current contests (fashion, home and beauty) on the right side of the page. 

2. To visit a contest page, click on any contest listed under the heading "Contests."

3. To enter a contest, click "Create Set."

4. This will take you to the "Editor" page, where you will be able to browse for items to include in your contest set. 

5. After completing your set, click "Enter Contest."

It's as easy as that. So, what're you waiting for? :)

Want even more info about contests? Click here! 


Anonymous said...

Why don't you put it that way:
The contests with the real prizes are only open for the precious US. Residents. The contests WITHOUT prizes are open for us, poor uncreative souls. Simple as that.

Reluna said...

Hi! Yes,I know.I've participated in some contests of Polyvore. My sets get ugly. I think the contests so beautiful and creative.Congratulations, Polyvore and thanks for all the good you give us. Big hug to all the Polyvore team !!!Reluna :))

Anonymous said...

you should do the "all the items on your wishlist" contest again!

Traci Thompson said...

I live for your contests Polyvore! Thank you!

charcharr said...

Little over a year ago I won 1st place in the "Bright Young Things: PINK Spring Break Style Off!" Still enjoying my prizes!! Thanks for making Polyvore so cool <3 Best website there is! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a newer member and just started to enter contests....if I use my laptop instead of my ipad. I love the app, except for the fact that app users do not get contest information.
Boo hoo hoo. I missed a few submission dates because I forgot to get out my laptop and check the date. I know it's my own fault, but would you consider adding contest information on the app? And can you tell the Polyvore Santa that app users would love to have access to a cropping tool as well? Thank you for your listening ears, Polyvore! :D

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in home design or exterior landscape, we welcome you to join TasteMasters Interior Design group on Polyvore.

Anonymous said...

Your contests are great...if I was from the US. Please, make them for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yes, your contests are great, that's true...But only for THE CHOSEN ONES - US RESIDENTS.
Others may have better sets, but they WON'T WIN.
That's why I never enter Polyvore contests.
I see that we're not equal, so I'm not interested in WASTING MY TIME.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that the Polyvore contests are open only for US Residents...There are a lot of creative and stunning profile of other members here on Polyvore that making great sets! Why you don't open the contests to everyone? This is really unfair! You don't appreciate the other members and the efforts that they bring to this comunity,this is not equal....
Please change this and not ignore the other members

Anonymous said...

Many of Polyvore's contests are sponsored, so maybe it's the sponsors who only choose U.S residents.

Anonymous said...

The contests are great challenging opportunities, I love the themes most of the times. Two things really bother me though: 1.prizes are for US residents only and 2.I really don't get sometimes the criterias for picking up the winners. I don't want to offend nobody but some winning sets are really too simple without any effort and well...not the most stylish ones.

Kristel Julnes said...

It IS possible for everyone to ENTER a contest no matter where you live. I live far from the US and I enter contests all the time and I've even won 2nd in one too.
BUT it was a no-price contest.
I've always wondered about contests with prices, are they for US residents only?
I know we can all enter but can we also be picked as winners in these contests?
I hope Polyvore can answer my questions here.
Is it possible for contestants outside of the US to win a contest with prices?
And to be picked out as a Fashion week correspondent.
Remember fashion week is all over the world, if someone outside the US wins then why not send them to the nearest fashion week if its a cost issue

Atarituesday said...

I find it just a tad offensive that people are referring to to US residents as "THE CHOSEN ONES." Or "The precious US residents." And it's not only because I'm from the US. If someone from the US was saying something about the European, Asian, or really just any other group of members as "THE CHOSEN ONES." and such, I'd stick up for them too.
I can understand it's not fair that only US residents get to participate in prize contests, but you could voice those concerns and complaints in a nicer manner.
I love polyvore's contests. I don,t participate in them for prizes, I often don't pay attention to what the prizes are at all. I simply find each contest to be a fun, new challenge for my creativity:)

Anonymous said...

Is there a problem with the newest contest? It never opened for sets to be submitted, instead it ended as it was published. :(

Anonymous said...

Ya I'm not feeling THE CHOSEN ONES for the US residents. That's wrong and actually you are seriously belittling people. Have you ever stopped to think that it's the SPONSORS? They are the ones who give Polyvore their criteria and rules. Some are open to US and some are open to ALL. Because of that wouldn't you stop to think hmmm maybe it's a sponsor thing and not Polyvore picking and choosing which country they want to allow? Sponseors have their reasons... Liability, tax, customs etc. It's their Contests so honestly they can choose how they gift their items. A lot of them get tax right offs for these things I'm sure. But before you go BLASTING Polyvore and US residents think maybe it's a Sponsors RIGHT to run a contest how they see fit and don't blame Poly or generalize a group of people.

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