Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet Our SS15 NYFW Community Correspondents!

Fashion Week descends upon New York City this week and we're thrilled to experience the Spring/Summer 2015 collections through the eyes of our Polyvore members, once again. This season, gabrielle-pedriani, minnieromanovich and piccolamarisa will be attending NYFW as Polyvore Community Correspondents! They'll be checking out shows and presentations throughout the week and reporting back on runway trends and street style. We can't wait!

Get to know more about our fabulous correspondents.

Meet Gabby (gabrielle-pedriani)!

Heyo! My name is Gabrielle and I just (irresponsibly yet enthusiastically) moved from Wisconsin to NYC less than a month ago. I've always wanted to do it - and it finally got to the point where I was desperate enough to take the leap. 

I do truly think that my not-New York upbringing gives me a unique perspective on fashion, and I'm excited to connect with others who feel that New York's version of Fashion-with-a-capital-F is unrelatable. So here I am, making my way through the mecca (of everything) (except for maybe cheese) (and cows) (go #WI) that is NYC. I'm a self-proclaimed fashion nerd; not only in the sense that I'm a nerd and like fashion (though that's mostly it) but because I like to get nerdy about fashion topics, i.e. overanalyze them to the point of exhaustion. 

For example: Why do we wear what we wear? Blog what we blog? Follow who we follow? Lots of questions, far fewer answers. ;)

Q. Your most anticipated SS15 collection(s)?
A. Well, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant & CĂ©line are some of my favorites to watch, for trendspotting's sake. I love seeing what Rebecca Minkoff & Dannijo do because they're so in touch with bloggers. Coach's first ready to wear collection was essentially how I'd dress if I had limitless funds- so I'm looking forward to seeing that evolve (and the inevitable drool that'll come with it). And Zimmerman because, as annoying as this sounds, Australians do it better. 

Q. How do you plan to use Polyvore to keep up with Fashion Week?
A. I love using Polyvore during Fashion Week because I'm able to see collections through others' eyes. There are so many talented people using Polyvore and I'm excited to see the collections from their perspectives. I also like making sets of my own- not only those that are inspired by the shows themselves, but some that reflect the styles that I see on the street, that I'm wearing, and what I wish I could wear. 

Q. Anyone you're hoping to spot around NYFW? 
A. Is Ryan Gosling an acceptable answer? I'd also like to see Anna. Maybe we could have a quick chat. JK. But maybe. 

Look Sharp Sconnie "Survives" NYFW :)

Look Sharp Sconnie "Survives" NYFW :) by gabrielle-pedriani featuring a bare essentials mascara

Keep up with Gabby on Polyvore, Instagram, Twitter, & her blog!

Meet Minnie (minnieromanovich)!

My name is Minnie Romanovich and I live in Manhattan with my husband and cat. I'm a fashion stylist, running my own company, Dressed to Skill. As a Marie Claire Master Stylist, I also style/consult with clients via Keaton Row

Q. What are you most excited to report back to the Polyvore community? 
A. I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to capture key fashion moments through my photographs as well as report on what trends stand out to me on the runway and on the street. It's exciting to be a part of NYFW both as a Polyvore member and correspondent, as well as a professional stylist, and I'm hoping to communicate a broad perspective of the events to a wide audience of fashion enthusiasts. 

Q. Your most anticipated SS15 collection?
A. Burberry Prorsum and Nicole Miller's resort wear. 

Q. How do you plan to use Polyvore to keep up with Fashion Week?
A. Polyvore is always my go-to for keeping up with both current and upcoming trends, as well as fashion forecasts and street wear. During Fashion Week, especially, it's a reliable source of information about established and upcoming designers, emerging talents in the world of fashion and couture, as well as style bloggers. 

Q. Anyone you're hoping to spot around NYFW?
A. Tim Gunn! Everyone's favorite make-it-work guy. 

NYFW - Sep '14

NYFW - Sep '14 by minnieromanovich featuring a nude lipstick

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Meet Marisa (piccolamarisa)! 

Hi, my name is Marisa and I'm piccola (small). I turned twenty-four on August 31st and moved to Brooklyn on September 1st. I work in retail fashion in the Soho area of Manhattan. I have a blog called Piccola Marisa. On my blog, I share my personal style, my personal struggle with alterations and budgets, and, of course, my Polyvore sets. Sprinkled in between my Polyvore dream closet and my real life are my musings of a tiny single girl living in a big city. I'm really excited to start my new adventure! 

Q. Your most anticipated SS15 collection?
A. Timo Weiland's show is definitely one that I'm looking forward to. I haven't heard of many people who have an interest in both performing and visual arts. I read that while at Vanderbilt University, Weiland minored in vocal performance. I majored in theater and am now pursuing fashion so it will be interesting to see if great minds really do think alike. 

Q. What are you most excited to report back to the Polyvore community?
A. The overall experience! I have never been to Fashion Week before. It has always been a dream of mine to take in. I hope I can share with other members what it really feels like to be there. It's so amazing to have the opportunity to share my favorite trends from SS15 shows in real time. Thanks again to Polyvore for this opportunity!

Q. Anyone you're hoping to spot around NYFW? 
A. Um...NO, because I wouldn't know what to do if I spot one of my icons. I would totally freak out and hide if I saw Anna Wintour, Amy Astley, Leandra Medine, or Kelly Cutrone. I hope I don't see them because I would DIE. Although, if I see Bill Cunningham, I kind of hope he takes my picture. That's not going to happen but it would be cool! 

NYFW SS15 Polyvore Community Correspondent!


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Well done girls! Especially Marisa and Minnie, the NYC Polyvore meet up 2014 and now this other great opportunity!

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Congratulations everyone! Such a great opportunity and an exciting adventure! Looking forward to the latest news.

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I will see you there!!!

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Thank you so much, ladies! Very honored and proud to represent Polyvore at NYFW. :)

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Congratulations !!! Enjoy this amazing week... :) (It will be great if we can see reports from London, Paris or Milan and even Tokyo, Sydney or Berlin... That´s an idea !) Thanks polyvore for all these great moments ! ;) Have fun ccclem.

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Can't wait to see what you laddies think of the runway, well done on representing the Polyvore community at NYFW! x

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Congrats girls!! I hope you have a blast & can't wait to see what you create when you return!! xoxo

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Awesome, i am sure you will all do a great job reporting…oxooxoxoxoxo Big fashionable hugs..xoox

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Congrats ladies! Which I could be back in the city for NYFW xx

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Congrats girls!!!!Can't wait to see your reports from NYFW!!!!