Monday, October 13, 2014

My Poly Pick Contest - Share and Win What You Love!

With our new, more personalized, fun and simple iPhone app, you're bound to discover and fall in love with perfect-for-you things every single day. From Monday to Friday visit our app, then tweet or post to Facebook your very favorite thing each day - you could win what you love!

My Poly Pick!

Um, YES! How?

  1. Download our iOS app 
  2. Link your Twitter and/or Facebook to your Polyvore account
  3. Browse your personalized feed daily, Monday to Friday
  4. Tweet or share to Facebook your favorite item each day with #PolyPickPromo

We will randomly draw 2 lucky people each week who will win the amazing things they shared. Don't forget to make your Twitter accounts public and to share your Facebook posts publicly so that we can find you and your #PolyPickPromo entries. 

Missed out on week 1? Never fear! We will be drawing 2 winners for 5 whole weeks, so keep browsing your feed and sharing what you love. 


pink said...

Solo per IOS?

Carla's Fashiontrain said...

Yeeeeej awesome you guys ! ❤️😘

BJIGG said...

Is it only from IOS, or can I use my laptop to share?

Quryous said...


I know you must be working on a version for android devices. Can't wait until we get it!!


CarolinArcieri said...

repeat it, but worlwide, not just us residents, pleaseeeee

Alexandra Provenzano said...

I want the Widows Phone App please!

Anonymous said...

can u use a Lapotop???????????/

starsandlove said...

Hey, just a question
Can it be band merchandise that's our poly pick
bc bands

Anonymous said...

I have a question what if you don't have an iPhone. Because I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. So how would I do this on my phone