Monday, November 17, 2014

Community Member Bamaannie's Brit + Co DIY Kit is now for Sale!

Congratulations to our Polyvore Brit Kit Collaboration winner, Anna-Marie Robinson aka bamaannie.
Brit + Co DIY Kit Contest Entry

Brit + Co DIY Kit Contest Entry by bamaannie featuring bracelet jewelry
We teamed up with Brit + Co and asked the Polyvore community to get their DIY on. You guys came up with hundreds of awesome sets full of DIY ideas in a matter of days. Brit + Co had the opportunity to choose the winning set, by bamaannie, and then it was game on.

The Brit + Co team got to work making bamaannie’s idea a reality, from concept set to production! We're thrilled that the Tassel Fringe Necklace Kit is now on sale, just in time for the holidays.
To craft your own, first buy the Brit Kit. Then, it’s as fun and easy as...
Now, let’s meet the Polyvore community member who came up with the wonderful winning idea.
She's a wife, an RN and a mother of two twin boys. She loves to cook and work on DIY projects. She's been on Polyvore for over three years and has been a top place winner in over 80 contest on Polyvore.

We’d love to see your finished DIY Polyvore Brit Kit Tassel Necklaces -- share with us by using #PolyvoreBritKit on Instagram.

Thanks to everyone who everyone who participated in the contest and a big thank you to Brit + Co. Get it here. Enjoy your kits!
My Kit is LIVE on Brit+Co!!


Quryous said...

Those necklaces are too cool! Congrats!! Bamaannie!!! Woohooo!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! This is amazing my friend!!! Congrats to you. Seriously so cool. I'm so happy for you. Perfect gift for Christmas.

Edenslove <3

Traci said...

This is so exciting! Congratulations @bamaannie! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sweetie! Very cool!!


Melissa de Souza said...

Congrats sweetie. This is so awesome :)

Anonymous said...

@banaannie Congrats and wishing you lots of success! I'm sooooo happy for you!

Carlie Krampl said...

So happy for you girl! Congrats!
-Carlie cb-hula

Crissi said...
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Anonymous said...

So gorgeous Dear .. congratulations!!

Ashley said...

Congrats!!!! SOOOOOOO digging this!

Anonymous said...

Love the kit! Way to go Bamaannie - congrats! ;)

-Mel aka Sexbobomb

Anonymous said...

How wonderful - terrific accomplishment - congrats!

Anonymous said...

How terrific - what an accomplishment _ sincerely - Michelle Thea Flack

bamaannie said...

Thank you so much sweet polypals & @polyvore!! I have been so blessed by Polyvore and the people I've met through this community! I was so honored my set was chosen and to see my necklace come to life is a dream come true!! Happy Holidays & don't forget this would make a great gift!!:)