Thursday, November 13, 2014

Join Tomorrow's Polyvore Meetup From Home!

Tomorrow, we will be hosting fifty amazing Bay Area community members here at HQ, for this fall's "Tailored To You" Polyvore Meetup! While we're bummed our office isn't big enough to host every one of you, we wanted to give you a chance to join-in from home. Here are a few ways to take part:

1. Check out #TailoredToYou on Instagram and Twitter

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2.  Join our panels on Twitter -- we'll be live-tweeting all the action:
  • 10 - 11 AM PT : AMA with Polyvore CEO, Jess Lee, and the product and design team members 

3. Send us YOUR questions for any of the panels by tweeting them @polyvore using #MeetupPanelQ or in the comments below!

4. WIN STUFF -- you'll have a chance to win some of the awesome items in our "Tailored To You" Meetup goody bag. More info to come on our Instagram this month!  


Aniael said...

Have a great time tomorrw girls! :)

Anonymous said...

Which activities have you focused the most on to grow audience ? (digital advertising, viral/organic, events, PR)

Miss Moni said...

Question for Career Paths in Fashion and Design: What advice would you give to a new university graduate who wants to work in the fashion industry as a marketer, but has no work experience in this industry?

Quryous said...

I asked this question on Twitter, but I'll repeat it here:
Can we have a chatroom or forum on ?

Thank you very much,


Quryous said...


Maybe you've already answered this question in a previous blog post. However, I'll ask it here just in case you haven't:
Is there or will there be a way to edit product recommendation settings? I like a lot of fashion sets from people that I follow, but I don't necessarily dress in the style of the outfits in the sets. I may like the look or style of clothes for my friend, but I probably won't wear the clothes in the sets.. If that makes sense.. Can we have the option of changing product recommendation settings for only the items that we personally like z(or even the products that we click on) and not the sets that we like?

Thank you,


BernadetteSunset said...

Hi! Just wanted to say that I fell in love with Polyvore. As someone who studied Illustrator and Photoshop for Fashion and fabric pattern design back in 2000, it is amazing to not have to spend all that time cutting out images. Polyvore makes the process a piece of cake, and is just a brilliant marriage of business, marketing, and creativity. There is only one thing that I would like to request, and that is to be able to choose more than one category. I often create complete looks that include the clothing and makeup, and would like to be able to choose both fashion and beauty instead of just one. Any way you guys can make that happen? Thanks again, and if you ever need open an office in San Diego, please let me know, I'd love to work for Polyvore:)

Bernadette Sunset

Dora said...

I haven't been making sets right now because I'm busy putting stuff on my online store.

I still have Poly for my homepage on my laptop & I'm very still in love with Poly. When my page comes up..Poly is the first thing I see & check.

My only question is...will you ever make some kind of app on Poly so we can chat with other members, instead of emailing back & forth.

Thank you so much for creating this site...& blessings to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

What suggestion do you have for someone that has a major in IT but dreams of working in fashion?

S. Kelley said...

How do I delect tag names under (all Items)?