Monday, November 24, 2014

Ways to Win This Holiday Season on Polyvore!

‘Tis the season for joy, merriment and the warm fuzzies, and boy do we have ‘em for YOU. To fill your holidays with just a little more delight, we have three fun ways for you to win goodies throughout the season.

What’s On Your Wishlist? (11/24-12/1) 

Polyvore Christmas Wish

Tell us what’s on your wishlist for the holidays, and you could win something you’ve been lusting after all year long! Create a set with 6 items on your list and tell us a little bit about why you’re hoping to receive each of them. We’ll choose 5 people to win something from their wishlist! You can enter the contest here.

Keep One, Give One Holiday Contest Series (11/25-12/23) 
**Congrats to our winners**
Contest #1: stylepersonal
Contest #2: ashley-rebecca
Contest #3: style-matter

Keep One, Give One Holiday Contest Series

Hoping to share the love with your bestie? This one’s double the fun! We’ll be running a weekly contest featuring a gotta-have-it item that you could win for both you and a friend! Create a set for your chance to win. Look for this on our contest page every Tuesday, starting Nov 25 through Dec 23.

12 Polydays Hunt (11/27-12/8) 
**Congrats to our winners**
Day 1: beautifully-divergent
Day 2: darksyngr
Day 3: adc421
Day 4: themikichronicles
Day 5: beautifullylovely
Day 6: mcheffer
Day 7: queenofsienna
Day 8: czecze
Day 9: musicfriend1
Day 10: dsmthickman
Day 11: spinzterella
Day 12: emyemoemu

Brush up on your scavenger hunt skills because this under-the-radar contest will take some exploring. Every day, for 12 consecutive days, we’ll “hide” a special, top-liked Polyday gift somewhere on the site and app that you can win! See below to learn how the 12 Polydays Hunt works. HINT: Look for this daily on our Explore page, or on the app under “Browse → Top Picks,” starting Thursday, Nov 27.

12 Polydays Hunt

Hunt down the secret Polyday gift with the "Happy Polydays" indicator you see above. Each day will be numbered accordingly (1 - 12). Use the item in a set and, before you publish, be sure to include #PolydaysContest in your set description so we can find your entry! We will be randomly selecting a winner every day. Winners will be notified via Polyvore private message and will be announced on our Twitter and below in this blog post. Full rules and regulations can be found here.

Happy Holidays!

The Polyvore Team


Anonymous said...

It is not cool to fool around with people on their holiday time. Before everyone jumps in, better write with big letters that this is ONLY FOR THOSE WHO ARE FROM USA.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! Good Luck to all those that enter! Happy Holidays!

Violet Reine said...

Why is it only for people in the USA?

Anonymous said...

welloff course it is only for Americans. It is an American site and app I guess since they always feature contests for 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and always celebrate Mother and Father's day on the date it's celebrated in America. So Polyvore clearly shows that it's first and foremost for Americans

The Polyvore Team said...

Hi everyone,

We love all of our international members! However, due to legal restrictions, some contests & sweepstakes have different eligibility criteria - this is beyond our control. But, our "Keep One, Give One" contest series (which kicks off tomorrow) is open to certain countries outside of the US, so be sure to check out the Official Contest Rules and Regulations once the contest is live to see if you're eligible to win!

Thanks for your understanding.

The Polyvore Team

Anonymous said...

The majority of your contests are only for US members! This is really a shame, all the members offer their support making sets on Polyvore and its really unfair that Polyvore team not open also for them the contests...Always the Holidays Contest is open to everyone...but this time is only for US members, very sad and unfair :(

Mahora said...

Too bad this contest is only for US members only, again. But sounds fun.

crapiblogabout said...

I enter a lot of competitions/sweepstakes/contest (or whatever you choose to call them), that they are limited to a certain area is perfectly normal.

For example, stores that only sell to the US, probably only want to give things away to US customers (a contest is great advertisement... both when held, and when people recieve merchandise).

HOWEVER... what really irks me is that a lot of those that sponsor contests on Polyvore - have a big annoying banner as soon as you enter their website that says they ship to the UK (and I'm assuming the rest of Europe)... so why aren't they open to European polyvore users? And I'm sure there's plenty of these websites that says they'll ship to Australia, and other parts of the world too.

Contests are generally more of a hassle in the US than anywhere else in the world. :D

Only hassle there would be for winners in other countries might be import tax if they happen to win... and this the promoters could easily cover their backs on by saying "winner will be responsible for paying any VAT, import and custom duties that might arise, should the winner reside outside the US".

As making a set on Polyvore would also be considered a skill that's being judged, it should also be ok for the likes of Canada.

And just to make sure... just add a "open to all countries except where prohibited by law" (up to those entering to check), and "the sponsor will not the held liable for any items being lost in the shipping process".


CristinaB. said...

I do have to agree with the others.. lately your contests are only open for residents from the USA, which is a bummer!
As for me, I always notice that contests are never open for members from Italy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the other comments. It's frustrating that contests are never open to us here in Italy or other countries outside the U.S., especially when most brands and stores ship globally nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Hate to rain on everyone's parade but apparently it isn't available to all residents of the USA either. Florida, New York, and Rhode Island are excluded as well. Why are those states excluded?

Anonymous said...

I have an idea, for example if a member from Europe wins,is it possiblefor present to be sent to some of ours USA friends or relatives? So they can deliver us a gift... I was just wondering in case I win something :P

Alyare Mar said...

Some states have different regulations on online purchases or yes, even contests. For instance, it used to be that when you bought something online you would just pay shipping fee, then that changed to shipping fee and applicable tax for your state as well as shipping, then some states changed to state and/or local tax on top of a separate fee imposed for online purchase or yes even contest winning (if you won a contest in some states you would still have to pay tax based o retail value as well as the tax for purchasing outside the state, as well as shipping. The US is the most over taxed country in the world. Certain state of other restrictions as well.

Anonymous said...

What happened to todays ( Day 2 ) item in the contest? I made a set with it but when I looked at my set and clicked the item I got a message that the item is no longer available?

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else: Polyvore`s contest must be open outside of the US.

newsjoan said...

I can understand your arguments both for and against competition winners outside the US.
Of course would I love to get a prize.
But it should never keep me from participating in a challenge, although I have no chance win.

I participate in the challenges that appeals to me, and as my time allows.
This way I also express my support for Polyvore.

Of course, it seems more fair if it was equal for everyone, but such are the rules and Laws whether we like it or not.

Thanks to Polyvore for all the joy they give us.

budding-designer said...

Congrats to all winners!

I really had my eye on that day 7 item.... I guess I need better luck next time!