Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Polyvore Story With Ruibri

How have you been since we last saw you? 
I've been great, albeit not happy about this brutal weather. I am currently continuing to take classes at FIT and am also interning.

How is school?
This spring was the start of my fifth semester, which I am enjoying so far. This particular semester just happened to be less major-focused and more liberal arts focused.

What classes are you taking this semester? 
Which is your favorite and why? I am taking Cross Cultural Studies, Intercultural Communication, Italian I, Leadership Development Retailing, Philosophy: Ethics, and Strategies of Business Communication. Although I find all of my courses this semester to be very interesting, Intercultural Communication is my favorite. The course is self-explanatory through its title; I feel that it is a topic that is becoming increasingly important because of the now global distribution of wealth, and thus the expanding market for the fashion industry.

Did the Mountain View meetup change anything for you?
The meetup at the Polyvore headquarters not only made me appreciate all the various ways that Polyvore has changed the lives of their users, but also inspired me to use Polyvore in different way

How has the meetup changed your approach to Polyvore?
I have definitely begun to embrace creating sets on my phone. It's been a wonderful way to engage in Polyvore when I have a break at my internship or between classes.

What’s your favorite set you’ve made recently?


House of Hauteness said...

It was so nice to meet you! Best of luck at FIT. I know you're going to do well!!!

Judi Easley said...

Such an awesome introduction! Your set is lovely. I wish you all the best with your classes and future plans. Judi

Alamanda said...

Whoaa, nice writing! And good luck for all your palnning. Thanks for sharing us your experience ^^

Anonymous said...

Good luck; this was lovely!

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