Thursday, July 30, 2015

NEW Daily Deals - Get the Hottest Sales Daily!

Dear Polyvore Community,

Polyvore is a one stop shop for all the best sales and deals from your favorite stores. Check our NEW Daily Deals feature each day to see the BEST promo codes and sale offers from the brands you love.

NEW Daily Deals Feature - Get the Hottest Sales Daily

Here’s more of what you’ll find:

Sale Spotlight
Get it while it’s hot! See what the deal of the day is.

The Best Deals
Here you’ll find the best markdowns and promo codes for Polyvore’s top brands.

Shop Sales by Category
Shopping for a particular item? Compare prices on the styles you want.

We hope you love the NEW Daily Deals and, as always, we welcome your questions and feedback. Please leave us a message in the comments.

The Polyvore Team


Regina Borges/reluna said...

Wonderful opportunity to purchases that are good for our budget. Thank you! Hugs Polyvore team!

Crystal B. said...

It's always nice to find a good deal! Thanks Polyvore.

Joanne Petersen said...

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Anonymous said...

Please please please add the tag feature in the Android Polyvore app!!! xx

Julia Anum said...

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ibn Umer said...

this is best for me.. i will buy it for me.

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