Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Quick share to Pinterest is here!

Dear Polyvore Community,

For those of you who love to Pin (who doesn’t?), it’s now 10X easier to share your own creations and favorite items on Pinterest! We worked with the Pinterest team to bring you a simple way to Pin your sets as you publish them and even like-to-Pin gorgeous items to the Pinterest board of your choice.

Quick share to Pinterest is here!

We’ve been testing the new feature with some of our community members and we’ve seen shares to your Pinterest boards jump 132% in just a month! Here’s how to get in on it, too:

1. Connect your Pinterest account in your Polyvore “sharing” settings. 
2. Pick your Pinterest board -- this is where your sets will be Pinned when you publish them. You may change this selection as often as you’d like! 
3. Opt in (just check the box) to automatically Pin all items you like and save on Polyvore.

Try it out NOW on your desktop or iOS app and stay tuned for the feature on Android!

The Polyvore Team


Crystal B. said...

Cool, I love pinterest!

tay296 said...

Totally doin' this today!

Raelee said...

Can we start clipping items from Pintrest to Polvore now though?

pink said...


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