Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Best of Polyvore: 2015

By: Amy Wicks, Fashion Editor 

What do Kim Kardashian and Olivia Palermo have in common? Was athleisure your go-to style aesthetic? Were you and your mom shopping for the same thing? We answer these questions, plus many more, in our second annual Best of Polyvore 2015 report. 
The Polyvore community is our go-to source for all things fashion and beauty, so we were curious to see what drove your creativity and influenced our fashion-sense throughout the last year. We looked at what celebrities had you buzzing, what styles you were shopping for and what labels you were lusting after in 2015. 

#GirlSquad Goals
This year’s Most Popular Women were trying to “Join Balmain Nation,” “Break the Internet,” and get over some “Bad Blood.” But the Internet-breaking, Balmain-wearing, bad-blood feeling ladies from around the globe took a backseat to cat-eared songstress, Ariana Grande (1). In fact, Ari garnered almost 10% more interest in 2015 than Polyvore’s #2 gal, Kendall Jenner. 

Taylor Swift (3), Kim Kardashian (4) and the always-chic Olivia Palermo (5) round out our Female Top 5. Honorable mentions in this year’s Top Female searches include Chiara Ferragni of the popular blog, The Blonde Salad, Gigi Hadid and Perrie Edwards, of the British pop band Little Mix. 

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Boy Band Mania
It’s a sad day for The Biebs, who was dethroned from his 2014 #1 spot, by Harry Styles. Harry saw 68% more searches on Polyvore than Justin throughout the last year. This year, like last year, the Polyvore community obsessed over boy band members; 4 of the 5 most popular men are 1D or 5SOS singers.

This year’s most surprising addition to the Most Popular Men category comes from the honorable mention: motocrosser Jessy Nelson. 

A Life of (ath)Leisure 
A Streetcar Named Desire isn’t the only thing making you say, “STELLLAAA!!!” The athleisure trend lead to Stella McCartney securing the #1 spot in this year's Most Popular Designer category. She garnered 57% more searches than the runner up, Tory Burch. What was the most searched for Stella McCartney item from this year? The Polyvore community was most interested in snagging an item from her ever-popular adidas collection. 

Birkin Stalked: Polyvore’s Most Popular Style Obsessions
Move over skinny jeans! This year, the Polyvore community was obsessed with channeling their inner Carrie Bradshaw. After garnering 25% more searches than the second most popular item, Tulle Skirts topped the Polyvore charts, followed by gladiator sandals (2), denim dresses (3), two-piece dresses (4) and midi skirts (5). 

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Marsala? Not So Much 
Pantone might have told us that this year’s official color was marsala, but the Polyvore community tells us otherwise. White came in as this year’s top color and was 21% more popular than the second most popular color, camel. Rounding out the top 5 were red, yellow and burgundy. 

Add Some Luxe to Your Life
This year’s top brands highlight just how trendy athleisure was, with Nike and adidas snagging the top spots. Close behind the sporty brands, luxury makers made a big comeback this year, marking a big change from last year, where fast fashion reigned supreme. 

A Style for Every Season
Finally, we were curious to see how your searches changed month-over-month. Our top 2015 item (tulle skirts) dominated your searches throughout the beginning of the year (January - April). The rest of the year saw chart toppers that tapped into seasonal trends, like gladiator sandals throughout the summer (May - July), backpacks during school-prep time (August), and boots in autumn (November). 

Fashion in Your Backyard 
New to the study this year, we looked into how searches differed by locale and age group. Did you and your mom shop for the same thing? What about you and your friend across the country--into the same trends or completely different? 

There were two themes that dominated searches in the United States. First on the homefront, bohemian bedding was the Polyvore community’s top home decor trend, with 35 states slotting it as their most searched home item in 2015. 

Tulle skirts were the most popular fashion item overall, but local Polyvore searches saw a myriad of dress searches topping the charts state-by-state. In fact, over 17 states showed dress styles as their most popular fashion search trend; tulle skirts were top of mind in 13 states.

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for me this is all very interesting, thanks Polyvore <3!

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You guys spelled Louis Tomlinson's name wrong... You spelled it Loius. But the information was cool to see.

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This was interesting! Thank you for publishing this. Very cool!

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This is GREAT! Hope to see more interesting topics like this. Well done Polyvore Team!

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wambliwakan said...

By the choices I can see the Polyvore demographic has skewed VERY young. It would be nice if you included the users outside of the US as well.

UMTA UnaMiradaaTuArmario said...

Great analysis!! Thank you for share with us!

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This was really cool, especially seeing all the stats and charts. I hope you do more like these but make sure your facts and names are right! You spelt Louis Tomlinson's name wrong, but otherwise great.

Anonymous said...

This was very interesting, and it's cool that you are keeping track, making charts, and showing us the results. I was a little dismayed that Polyvore seems more and more to belong to the gauze skirt set. I hope that does not mean that older, more sophisticated members are becoming irrelevant.

I've also noticed that Top Sets have become almost exclusively minimalist with story board layouts. I see a lot of outstanding sets that are not like that at all. I hope other types of design will be recognized again.

Siba Nesly said...

such a great report

Bria Rachele said...

This was so interesting to read and to see how fashion is really being looked at on a day-to-day basis and how the trends differ all over the world. The different searches based on celebrities, top colours, most popular items and more was fascinating- specifically the stats on different states and age groups!
I look forward to seeing many many more of these posts and I love that Polypore keeps track of everything going on in the community and lets their member know about it!
I'm anxious to see what the next report will bring compared to this one and who the new leading 'style inspirations' are. Thanks, Polyvore!

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Great job! Polyvore keeps getting even more exiting over the years!

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I am a long time Polyvore member as well and have noticed the same thing. The minimalist sets are awesome, but it would be nice to also see other sets that have a different layout and style recognized a little more often.

Teah said...

I love Polyvore and have been a member for almost 5 years now. It's my go to place to relax, create and check out all the gorgeous and creative sets sets of other members. It has been nice to watch how Polyvore has evolved over the years and I love that the Polyvore Team are always working to make the site better and better, as well as offering such amazing contests! Looking forward to another great year on Polyvore in 2016!

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