Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New! Collections on the Polyvore app!

"Bring collections to the app!" the Polyvore community asked. Today, the answer is here: you can now create collections on the app.
New! Collections in the App

  • Keep all your favorite looks and products in one place by organizing them as you browse the app. 
  • Add to any of your existing collections or create new ones. 
  • Make it easier to create looks -- you can find your collections in the editor under the “My Items” tab.
Here’s a quick iOS tip! You can long-press on an item and we’ll give you the option to add it to a collection.
Download the app to start creating collections of your own:

Click here for iOS.

Click here for Android.

We hope you love collections in the app as much as you do on your desktop! As always, we’d love to hear your feedback. Reach us at

The Polyvore Team

PS - Our awesome Style Icons got the first peek at collections in the apps -- find out how YOU can get cool perks like this, too!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So Happy!

Federica M said...

Hi guys! Wen will we have the Polyvore app for Blackberry? THe Android one doesn't work on my BB :(

Willow _ said...


~Stardust~ said...

Finally! This is absolutely amazing!! Thanks Polyvore!!

Malia Cook said...

Finally! I've been wanting to do this for years!

Chelsea Morford said...

Thankx so much!!!

Je Suis un Lapin said...

That's amazing! Thank you so much, Polyvore team! *\o

Chelsea said...

Doesn't work on ipad even though the update says it will. =( Hope this gets fixed for us soon, I've been dying for this feature.

Robsfriend73 said...

Awesome!!! The only thing missing in the collections is a 'back to top'-button.
Thank you Polyvore!!

I ♥ Polyvore!!

Naomi aka Robsfriend73

Alberte Withen said...


whoranizer said...


whoranizer said...


Rakel said...

Yess!Check my outfits: Polyvore My blog

Anonymous said...

I'm still not able to make collections on the IPad. I did read the instructions on the Help section, but it appears that only iPhone users could make collections. Please make this app and site more user friendly. I had to google this Polyvore blog because there isn't a link on the main page to find this blog. The app really needs improvement. We don't have access to the contests that are offered, and our "trending" page doesn't have all wonderful info that the Polyvore site has. Please make improvements in our app and on the Polyvore site.

Jackie Powers said...

Yeah I cant figure out how to make or edit collections in mobile. they show up when making a set and I can use an item in the set but no collectioning wditing feature. I use android on a samsung phone.

Also I have been trying to get through to some team member but literally no one likes the changes made to desktop collections sometime last year in regards to the deacriptions that we can write under the items. Some of us use those boxes to communicate things through collections and it's a big giant hassle when you can't tell if the description is from the user or clipped in with the item from the source site. In the olden days this non user genertated conteny did not show up with the item in collections and it would be really great if it that could go away again.
I realize saying all this is in vain because I've been saying it for months but I feel the team still refuses to understand how quite a lot of its users are using this site or are completely oblivious to factor that is social aka doesnt make the company money.

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Awesome!!! The only thing missing in the collections is a 'back to top'-button.
Thank you Polyvore!!.

phil lighbothe said...

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