Saturday, March 19, 2016

What’s Your Empowering Outfit? Catch Our Style Icons’ on Fusion’s Snapchat Discover Story!

Polyvore’s mission is to empower people to feel good about their style. Everyday we are amazed by the beautiful sets you create and how you share your style with the world.

Today, we’re excited to share that Fusion is featuring a few of our awesome Style Icons community members on Fusion’s Snapchat Discovery Story! Open Snapchat, scroll through the “Discover” section and and tap the purple “Fusion” icon to check out the story: “Polyvore Top Tastemakers Share Their Most Empowering Outfits”. In the story you’ll see sets from mymummadeit, rachel, annielizjung and florencia95. And don’t forget to follow Polyvore on Snapchat!

Pass That

Queen for the day

Untitled #2303

Untitled #19623

We also want to see your style too! Check out the #polypower sets below. Be sure to check out the Polyvore contest “What’s Your Power Outfit” to see others share their most empowering outfits with the hashtag #polypower.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

The Polyvore Team


Crystal B. said...

This is fabulous!!! Love Polyvore great place to shop, find the latest trends & create.


divino thank for polyvore the LIZETHFASHION

Anonymous said...

yay Flo! love her :)

RosieL said...

A good idea now has to be to exclude Americans from the Polyvore run contests as ALL sponsored contests are only open to Americans. That way it's fair for those around the world and they can be showcased at some point.

Anonymous said...

You guys do know most contests that's hosted From America exclude international people. Do you guys complain when famous bloggers, youtubers, or clothing brands exclude international people? I don't think what polyvore is doing wrong. Besides they had people win from Australia and Canada in the past. For those whos complaining do you guys have a large social media following or polyvore following. If you guys don't then zip it.

RosieL said...

Its called an opinion ANONYMOUS and i think its a fair one at that,and yes if bloggers,youtubers are excluding international people then i would tell them the exact same thing. Polyvore dont control who can enter the sponsored contets so no its not their fault however they can make it fair by excluding Americans from the contests that they run,which they have control over. And anyway in all honesty the sponsors are the ones losing out on sets from fantastic polyvore users that arent American,more fool them. Let me guess you are American?

Anonymous said...

I think the link to Fusion is incorrect.

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Mariz Denver said...

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