Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet Our Coachella #PVStyleInsider, Yellowgrapes

There’s nothing that we love more at Polyvore than the start of festival season. Well this year is no different! Coachella is around the corner & we’re so excited to introduce, Jee, aka Yellowgrapes, as our Coachella Style Insider. Jee will be on the ground covering everything Coachella, from the rad music to the effortlessly cool fashion.

So spend the entire weekend with Jee & us on our Snapchat (@polyvore) and Instagram (@polyvore) for the inside scoop on anything and everything Coachella.

But before heading out to Coachella, we asked Jee a couple of questions about her Polyvore experience & how she’s prepping for the festival:
Meet Our Coachella #PVStyleInsider, Yellowgrapes

Tell us about yourself. 
My name is Jee, and I’m a 24-year-old living in the Los Angeles area in a small community beside the beach. I am an aspiring elementary school teacher. I’ve always been passionate about teaching, and I enjoy learning about all topics related to history and science. I also enjoy reading, learning and researching all things fashion. My hobbies are writing about fashion, taking pictures of clothes and creating outfits. I have a fashion blog I am currently renovating. I am also a Polyvore addict—I love spending my time on Polyvore! I have so many ideas that I want to share with the community. My goal in life is just to live happily and healthily. I want to constantly grow and gain new skills.

Where do you live and what trends are big there? 
Southern California is known for its laid-back culture, which is reflected in its trends. A big trend is bohemian-inspired looks; I see a lot of girls wearing flowy dresses or wide-leg pants. On the opposite side of the style spectrum, the ‘90s trend remains strong. You can find some girls rocking the grunge look and others wearing bomber jackets, overalls or choker necklaces.

Describe your personal sense of style. 
My style is all about comfort and flexibility. What I wear depends on where I’m headed, what I’ve been influenced by and what mood I am in. It runs the gamut. I can wear a classic look with pleated pants and a collared shirt, or go rocker style with a leather jacket and ripped jeans, followed the next day by a romantic look with a floral dress and ballet flats.

How has Polyvore affected your life? 
I have been able to bring out my creative side, which has made my mind less hectic. In addition to being a stress reliever, Polyvore has been an outlet for creating outfits that I wish I could wear. I have met so many wonderful, helpful people that are always encouraging me and building my confidence in my ability to create sets.

What will you be packing?
The most important items to pack are sunscreen, water and comfortable shoes. I want to be comfortable and cool as a cucumber at the festival, so that I can just enjoy the overall experience.
Coachella Fashion Trend Part 2: Colors & Bold Prints

Which NEW trends do you expect to see?
I believe this year will be more colorful than last year, with clashing mixed prints, printed jumpsuits and just color galore everywhere. Also, I expect to see a lot of the “Tumblr ‘90s” trend and the continuing athleisure trend.

Coachella Fashion Style

Anyone you are hoping to spot at the festival? 
I constantly follow models’ and bloggers’ street styles, and I’m hoping to see any of them! I especially love Alexa Chung’s style, so seeing her would be a dream come true.

Which band are you most looking forward to seeing? 
I can’t name one band—that’s impossible! I really, really want to see and listen to BØRNS, M83, Of Monsters and Men, Chvrches, James Bay and—of course—Guns N’ Roses!

What are you most excited to report back to the Polyvore community? 
I am excited to report back everything I see, feel and hear at Coachella because this is an amazing opportunity and I want to share every detail of it with the community. I will also report back on fashion trends ... and maybe even convince some gals who don’t like festival fashion to think it isn’t so bad after all!

Don’t forget to follow Polyvore on Instagram (@Polyvore) and Snapchat (@Polyvore) for all the festival vibes. Happy Coachillin!


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we have a new article about Coachella too we'll be honerd if you guys check it out

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Have Fun Jee! Looking forward to the reports from Coachella!

HMarie said...

Have a wonderful time, can't wait for updates

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Have a good time. I hope it is as enjoyable as it sounds.

Polyvore Fan said...

Hope you have a fantastic time. Looking forward to updates!

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Congratulations, Jee!!! :D

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Loved your outfit ideas! Have fun Jee. Can't wait to hear about your Coachella experience!

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Congrats!!!Glad they pick ya. Nice sets.

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Congrats Jee!! Have fun. Nice sets. ;)

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