Monday, April 18, 2016

The Best of Polyvore: Australia Edition

From iridescent adidas trainers to mango-wood furniture, there’s no doubt about it, Australians love to shop, and they love to use Polyvore to get their daily dose of fashion inspo. On the heels of our collaboration with Yahoo7 in Oz, we took a deep dive into what makes Australian Polyvore users tick and click over the past month.

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Style Swag: Accessories Allure 
Unlike the rest of our global Polyvore community, Australians are all about accessories! In fact, 70% of Australia’s most searched for styles were either a shoe or another accessory. With this in mind, the Polyvore team dug into what exact items Australians would want to add to their wardrobe, ASAP.

Aussies on the market for new shoes might consider Down Under's most popular choice, iridescent adidas Superstars. 

Statement bags lovers tend to think #basic (but super-luxe) with the brown Givenchy Antigona.

Those on the hunt for the perfect sunnies (and who isn't?) can grab the it-girl fave: pink, round Celine specs.

#StyleGoal: Aussie’s Top Celebs 
 Just like the rest of the Polyvore community around the world, celebrities are a major source of fashion inspo for Australian fashionistas. Style heavy hitters, like the Hadid sisters and the Jenner sisters, are hot searches, but (surprise!) Aussies also want to get those White House vibes. Robin Wright (from Netflix’s House of Cards) comes in as the 4th most popular celebrity search in the last month.

Also interesting is the lack of men in the top 10 … 20 … and even 30! Coming in at #31 is Harry Styles, Australia’s most popular male celebrity style influencer. In fact, men are so unpopular in Australia’s style searches, the second most popular male search is fictional, and shares the same given name as our #1, Harry Potter.

Entertain with Ease: Aussies Love Chic Home Decor 
In addition to using Polyvore for fashion inspiration and creation, Australians flock to Polyvore to fix up their homes. In fact, Aussies are crazy for home decor, with searches for the category comprising 15% of Australia’s Top 100 Searches (global average is less than 2%).

More specifically, Australians are keen on updating their home with boho-inspired bedding and glass terrariums, as well as adding a touch of modern aesthetic with black flatware and acrylic furniture.

LocalVores: How Aussies Shop, City-To-City 
It comes at no surprise that Australia’s fashion epicenters are where the population is most dense, but what do these local shoppers have in common?

Sydney and Melbourne are the fashion hotspots of Australia, however even the smaller cities, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and Gold Coast, are punching well above their weight driving fashion searches across the country.

Aussies look at style the way fashion pros do: they invest in key, brand-name accessories to add luxury to their everyday outfits. It's a nod to how their favorite celeb, Gigi Hadid, and her fashion forward friends dress as well (#squadgoals!) Lest we think they're just like fashionistas everywhere,
Aussies turn around and surprise us with their love for Robin Wright's classic House of Cards look, as well as quirky home pieces. 

If their chic favorites in bags and shoes are any indication of how style-savvy they are Down Under, the rest of us should take note and follow suit. Terrarium, anyone?


Tash said...

As an Aussie I can say that I lovvee my accessories

CC said...

May need to add a Givenchy bag to the shopping list!

Anonymous said...

As a American, I would love to see this more often. Fashion from other countries and around the world! More men need to post sets on Polyvore also. I like looking at other fashion magazines from other countries also. Great idea.

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