Friday, July 1, 2016

Psst! What’s your Style Insider status? Learn more about the refresh right here.

Dear Community,

A huge thank you to all “seasoned” Style Insiders! We hope you’ve enjoyed your monthly newsletters, member spotlight and exclusive contests (and prizes!). There’s more to come this time around, so get pumped!
Psst! What’s your Style Insider status?

An equally huge congratulations to all NEW Style Insiders! Check your profile to see which Style Insider level you’ve reached: Style Spotter, Style Setter or Style Icon.

If you’re totally new to Polyvore, now’s the perfect time to start earning your way into the Style Insider program. Any time you create enough sets (2, 25, or 125) you’ll move up a level and open up more perks. Every 6 months, we “refresh” your status to better reward active Polyvore members, so keep creatin’ and keep movin’ up!

How to get started:
  1. Check your profile. You’ll see a badge under your name, next to your profile icon, and a status bar that tells you how many sets you’ve created since July 1st.
  2. Get familiar with the Style Insider perks and what it takes to level up on our Style Insider page.
  3. Have fun creating sets! 
  4. Move up levels and earn more perks.  
Share and explore Style Insider moments with other community members by using #PVStyleInsider. And remember, you can always find out more about the program on our Style Insider page.

The Polyvore Team


Pat912 said...

Thanks for all you do for us!! Polyvore is fabulous. Looking forward to creating and interacting with my PV friends. Happy 4th!

Togemall said...

Thanks you for sharing the unique content. you have done a great job. thank you for sharing such a unique content.

Firebirdwriter555 said...

Thanks for everything polyvore, speaking for every one, we all appreciate the hard work you do

Yolanda Dean said...

Thanks Polyvore; I made it to another level. I look forward to meeting new people and creating more sets.

Janice Weaver said...

How did we ever get dressed without Polyvore. You make it fun to go shopping in my closet!

Ana Queiroz said...

Amei, amei, amei! Estou muito feliz por ter conseguido chegar ao Style Insider!
É maravilhoso criar looks e inspirações no Polyvore. Adoro! Queria muito que mais lojas estivessem presente no site.

Michelle858 said...

Thank you so much for Polyvore. I spend more time here than on any other website ! You all are awesome and I love all the talented Polyvore people in the Polyvore community.

Anonymous said...

Polyvore you are the best. I spend time on the polyvore website all the time. :)

Anonymous said...

You are so AMAZING, I love Polyvore so much.

Anonymous said...

I hope the badge would be more about the quality of sets rther than the quantity of sets. Not everyone gets time to do 125+ sets in 6 months but their sets may be overly amazing compared to other sets
just an opinion

Anonymous said...

I hope I'll be considered for a community spotlight soon, I've only been an active member for 7 years now.

Deuce said...

Polypore has an ad that runs across the Yahoo discussion forum. I'll never buy your product.

Anonymous said...

Polyvore, please be FAIR to all members when selecting who will be featured for your community spotlight. Just as Anonymous said on July 17, 2016, she has been a member for 7 years and has never been featured for a community spotlight. I have been a member for two years and have never been featured as well. ( I realize the Community Spotlight has only been around for a year.?) Polyvore, you have thousands of members, yet, you have selected to feature the SAME members more than twice for the community spotlight! There are many of us members that work just as hard to create beautiful sets. It takes a lot of time, thought, and creativity to put sets together, as I'm sure you already know. Somehow, Polyvore has decided to overlook many of us, and has chosen the SAME members to feature over and over again. Featuring Polyvore members for the Community Spotlight is not the same as Top Set where sets are "organically" chosen...whatever that means. Please consider removing the Community Spotlight feature if most members will not be featured, (l do realize some members post sets that aret inappropriate, create sets that do not fall under fashion, home, beauty or art, etc. My concern is about members that DO follow Polyvore guidelines, yet are overlooked.

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Tamar Salukvadze said...

Hello,i'm from the Republic of Georgia. I joined polyvore 5 years ago.My name is Tamuna.I really love it and have fun.Good for you guys and good luch

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Nick Oates said...

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Maria Ferdous said...

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So Mimi said...

I think that other perks should come with these levels. Something tangible or useful.

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