Wednesday, August 9, 2017

NEW for iPhone! Clip While You Browse

Dear Polyvore Community,

iPhone people, rejoice! You can now clip items while you browse using the standard iOS share button.

NEW for iPhone! Clip While You Browse

Browse your favorite sites (on the Safari app). Find something cool. Hit the iOS share button. Clip and save your favorite items right to your Polyvore profile! It's super easy, just like clipping on the Polyvore desktop site.

To try it out, update your Polyvore app HERE

Happy clipping! 

The Polyvore Team


Rosa Vina said...

Thank you so much for this update on iPhone.

Pigs Do Fly said...

Love it!

bloomfly said...


Gaïa Debuchy said...

I love it. Genius. so much easier now

Lerato said...

Great update ��
I have a suggestion for Android app that I'd like to share: I've been a dedicated user of the desktop site since the very 1st year -2007. HOWEVER I hesitate to use the Android app because 'my items' do not appear in the categories I've tagged them in. I have 10 YEARS worth of saved & clipped items; which is A LOT. I NEED items to have tags so they'll be easier to find & use. In comparison; I've noticed that the IOS app items are in fact tagged & this isn't an issue. PLEASE please please please please please work on this...

Anonymous said...

Please bring back the ability to find and use templates from sets! There is no way to "search" for templates you like, besides going through hundreds of pages on the templates tab or lucking out by clicking around for an hour. What a waste of a great feature!

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