Friday, December 15, 2017

Group Moderators: This Is For You!

Dear Polyvore Community (especially all Group mods out there),

Update your Polyvore iPhone app today to get TWO NEW features that'll help you moderate Groups straight from your phone.

NEW: Two New Features for Groups!

Here's what's new:

  • Invite your followers to join your Group
  • Accept or turn down requests to join your Group

Be on the lookout for more features that make the Polyvore app experience even better for Group members and moderators. And, as always, drop us a comment below on which features you want to see next on the app!

Happy Holidays,
The Polyvore Team


Marion-Fashionista-Diva-Miller said...

Thats So Awesome! Happy Holidays The Entire Polyvore Team!!

dide said...

Thanks for the info!

Annette M. said...

Do you think you'll let all the groups have discussions? I would find it very useful.

Sora said...

Thank you.
Happy Holidays!

pat912 said...

Thank you Polyvore and Happy Holidays!

Sara-cdth said...

Great news, thank you!! ... can't wait for new surprises! :-)
Happy Holidays to the Polyvore teams and entire staff.

Lerato said...

I have a suggestion for Android app that I'd like to share: I've been a dedicated user of the desktop site since the very 1st year -2007. HOWEVER I hesitate to use the Android app because 'my items' do not appear in the categories I've tagged them in. I have 10 YEARS worth of saved & clipped items; which is A LOT. I NEED items to have tags so they'll be easier to find & use. In comparison; I've noticed that the IOS app items are in fact tagged & this isn't an issue. PLEASE please please please please please work on this...

shikha said...

Thank you.
Happy Holidays:))))

Styleplusblog said...

Great idea! Thanks so much for always thinking of ways to improve our experience. You are much appreciated! Merry Christmas to all! Hugs!

Mary Cheffer

Anonymous said...

please add a way for us to make announcements on the group's page on the app! and another suggestion that we've been asking for years - an easier way for all group members to communicate? a spot in the group or perhaps group messaging? happy holidays and thank you for everything

Chemicalfallout249 said...

Good news Polyvore! It's great that you're updating that for the phone! Please make sure you can do that with all types of phones, not just the Iphone!
I agree with another comment(s), a group discussion or group chat(s) on Polyvore would save A LOT of stress and it'd be helpful! Sometimes I ask my members to give me contest ideas or what they think of some rule changes, and no one messages me or bothers! Please, consider that as an update too!!
I think it'd be AWESOME if you updated the block button. Sadly, I've had to deal with many rude users, and the block button doesn't seem to really do much. They can still see what i comment on and they can like my stuff. it's annoying. Could you please consider updating the block button so that the users I block cannot see any of my stuff? I'd really appreciate this. I think a lot of people want the block button updated as well. Lots of people talk about it! Please consider this as a future update! Thank you!!

Unknown said...

I have a Android phone and I would love if there come the same updates as iOS phones! Thanks!

NonnieKiss said...

Thank you Polyvore!!

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